Your Success Depends On Your Mindset

Jul 17, 2020

Our lives are like a Tv channel. We all tune in to a channel that we like and most of the time get mad when we are forced to watch a channel we do not like. The best thing is that you are in control of what channel you want to watch, therefore, you can easily decide on what information you want to digest. You might be watching a channel that is impacting you negatively and another one that is really adding value to your life. You therefore cannot keep complaining that you do not like the channel that you are watching when you have the responsibility and the ability to change the channel.

In real life, your thoughts control your reality; you are living the life that you have chosen for yourself and you are the only person that can change what you do not like in your life. If you are not happy, take charge and change the channel to what makes you happy. If you are feeling miserable, it is your responsibility to change your channel to happiness. You are in control of your life. What does this mean? That if you are not successful, it is because you have refused to change your channel to that of success. The channel, in reality, is your thoughts, yes your thoughts. I know this might be hard to believe but think of it this way, have you noticed that when you keep thinking about something or someone you find yourself imagining and even dreaming about it? This is because it has been registered in your mind and your thoughts.

Your thoughts play a very big role because everything you think about is registered in your mind. Every single thing that you are going through in your life has come about through your thoughts. For example, if you think that you have a bright future, your mindset changes, and you create your reality. This is why it is important to feed our mind with positive substance. Focus on what is relevant in your life and filter out all the negativity. Everything around you is created in your mind based on what you decide to think about. If you have the victim mentality, you will always act as the victim and always think that everything is against you but the moment you have a winning mentality, you conquer your problems and become the person that you were purposed to become.

You create your reality through what you focus on. If you want to be successful, focus on things that cultivate your success, because this will be registered in your mind. If you want to be happy make a list of things, people that make you happy, and eliminate what does not. Your brain works like google, it finds what you want it to find so train it well. 

If you do not like your reality, it is your fault because you created it yourself but you do not have to worry because you can still change your reality. Remember that you are in control and can still live the life that you were purposed to live. Reprogram your thinking to focus on the positive things in life and change the negative ones. Maybe it is the internet that is affecting your mind, change what you listen to, read a book, watch videos of your mentors because these are the things that guide your thoughts. If your friends and family are not playing the role that helps you remain focused, you should mute them and find what works for you. When you do, do not change that channel until you have achieved your ultimate goal.


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