Your energy introduces you before you speak

Mar 09, 2021

The quote “your energy introduces you before you speak” made me think about the energy we give off when we enter a place; that energy can be positive, enthusiastic, and uplifting or it can be negative and depressing. 

I always tell people to walk into spaces with the mentality of a winner. There is a possibility of you changing the entire environment with your presence alone. The kind of energy you bring with you when you walk into a room tells a lot about the person you are and aspire to be. 

Nobody wants to be around those with negative energy. Therefore, having great energy about you creates a positive presence. Have you ever been around people who do not match your energy, how did you feel? I remember in the past I used to have friends who never matched my energy and dreams and it almost interfered with my way of doing things. 

As a society, we always believe that first impressions matter; how you look, how you address people, how you dress tells a lot about the kind of person you are. You can either command respect or disrespect just by carrying out yourself in a certain way. And this is what energy is all about. The image you portray before saying a word. 

Which example are you? What kind of energy are you putting out when people meet you? Is it open or non-judgmental? When you meet people, what would you like them to think about you? How you show up, smile, stand, it all matters and can be felt. The energy you bring into space or life is yours to won. 

Keep in mind as you step into each space that your confidence, joy, sadness, insecurities, positivity, energy, and exhaustion debut just as you do. Do not let the energy you expel zap others. 

Introduce yourself in a way that attracts and inspires others when you can. Be honest with your energy and clear in what you need to keep going. Let your energy be the thing that ignites others to action with or without your words. 


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