You failing does not mean all is lost

May 22, 2020

Yes, you did that mistake and felt like a fool in front of everyone. Now you are beginning to doubt yourself. You have concluded that you are a failure and success is not your portion. You do not need to have such thoughts. Failing once, or even several times does not make you a failure and it does not mean that all is lost. 

All these successful CEOs and entrepreneurs have failed at some point in their lives. They strived and worked hard to be where they are today. All because they never listened to anyone but believed in themselves. It is all in your mindset, if you see yourself as a failure, you will begin acting like one. You will feel worthless and discriminated against; not knowing you can always turn your failures into a success story.

Nobody should tell you anything about failure. It does not define who you are. For you to achieve something, you have to fail once or twice. It is quite normal because nobody is perfect.  The fact that you are likely to think less of yourself puts you in danger. Those thoughts contribute a lot to your well-being and most IMPORTANTLY to whom you are likely to become. 

Some individuals will always lower your spirit by disregarding the kind of dreams you have saying that they are too big to accomplish. Well, trust me, you will meet such kinds of people, and your belief, perseverance, and patience will be tested at this point. Because you value so much their insights and negative thoughts, you proceed to believe them not knowing these kinds of people aim to make your stay stagnated in the past and discredit the value that the future has in your life.  

Let me raise your hopes by informing you that no one is a failure, and once you incline your thoughts and say you are something, that thing forms part of who you are. If you see yourself as a failure, it will be hard for you to believe you can achieve anything. You will find it hard to trust and believe that you are capable of doing a lot and that you have a hidden talent that needs to be nurtured. All these narrow down to one thing; Are you willing to step out of your comfort zone and try?

You will have to experience failure; be it in businesses or careers. That is just how life is designed. The difference comes in when you can define what failure means to you. Yes, you look forward to success, but that does not mean there are no obstacles along the way. You will encounter several things hindering you from achieving your goals, how you will deal with them is what will matter. You are the only one who can decide the aftermath of your journey to success. 

As for me, I adopted a principle in my life that when I fail, I learn. That fundamental essence is what built the best companies, technology, and relationships.


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