You can rise up from anything

May 04, 2021


“Always believe something wonderful is about to happen”

You see those moments that seemingly hold dark clouds? A silver lining that can change your life forever awaits. I am a strong believer that we can rise up from anything and completely recreate ourselves regardless of situations or the most traumatizing moments we go through.

In life, we will fail, we will get blown off course and our maps will tear. But that doesn’t mean that the light isn’t there.

Many people are so scared of failure, so afraid of the pain of the fall, that they never try anything new. They do not create. They do not act on their dreams. They never take a risk. 

And for a good, logical reason. Society doesn’t exactly encourage leaps of faith – because when you jump you may come crashing down, scuff up your knees or even break a bone. So, it’s better to just cut your losses and play it safe, right?

That is wrong

Life isn’t about playing it safe – it’s about experiencing all there is to experience with authenticity, courage, and creativity. It’s about being the heroes of our own stories and rising up when we’re broken, only to flourish and triumph as better versions of ourselves because of it.

Sometimes, you might have gone through the most anxious and depressed times of your life. We all have at least in certain instances. And you felt you could do nothing to change your situation. But out of nowhere, you see solutions appearing from the unluckiest sources.

Yes, a silver lining! The events you have gone through have made you realize that there is a much bigger plan manifesting in each of our lives.

We are so interconnected that we don’t realize. One person’s seemingly innocuous actions on the other side of the world can end up having a domino effect that would change the lives of many.

If you’re looking for a change, as many of us are, we need to do all that we can right now to prepare for that future reality we’re looking for.

There are little things we can do to ready our lives so that when the gears of the universe start to create new movement and opportunities, we will be ready to go with that flow, and not feel unready.

And the best way we can do this is by practising mindfulness. Being peaceful in the present moment, to soothe our fears and anxieties.





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