Why You need to be ambitious

Aug 12, 2022

The defining characteristic of ambition is the desire to succeed and move forward. When ambition fuels an organization’s desire to succeed, it becomes unstoppable virtually. Ambition in simple terms, is a strong urge to succeed or desire for achievement through perseverance where accomplishments spell success. This undeniable hunger leads a company to passionate action. And as goals go, it’s the doing that leads to achieving. Relentlessly pushing toward this reality makes it easier for dreams to come into existence.

However, ambition is difficult and has been ill-defined for too long. This is because either you achieve it and your company is at a greater risk of collapsing prematurely, or you don’t,  and you will be a constant source of disappointment, below average. Winning stops being about achieving but beating the other organizations. If ambition is channeled in the right direction, it can yield great results.

The big question is how one can stay ambitious in the workplace. Taking tasks that benefit the whole organization without being asked could be one of the ways. This shows that you are actively involved in investing in the success of that particular company, a clear depiction that you are a team player. While doing so, any idea that you pitch should align with that company’s mission and vision statement. It goes a long way in ensuring you survive in that company for a long time as risks of being laid off will greatly be minimized.

Maintaining a positive attitude also fuels ambition; a considerable percentage of the positivity is achieved by offering assistance to colleagues to enable them to reach their goals hence meeting deadlines. Such commitments and sacrifices to colleagues depict it as an effective way of ensuring the prosperity of an organization.

Rather than focusing on the achievements of others, I have always tried to focus on improving my own life and career by finding new ways to improve my efforts and challenge myself. Your biggest competitor should be yourself. You may find it easier to stay happy and motivated if you focus on your own objectives and successes rather than comparing yourself to others. As a result, you may become quite ambitious. When you reach one of your goals, replace it with a new one. This way, you are constantly working toward bettering yourself.

When the ambition is balanced, collaborative, and valuable to the common good of other employees as well as the organization, it is viewed positively. It contributes to the overall success of the organization. When you are an ambitious worker, you are neither passive nor aggressive- you are assertive. As a result you can possess determination and willpower with clear goals and a career plan to reach them. You are capable of thriving without running over others. You Will optimistically be able to use obstacles and misfortunes that may befall a company as a fuel for motivation for outstanding performance leading to higher productivity.



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