Why You Definitely Need to be a Jack of All Trades

Jun 08, 2020

Jacks of all trades are average in everything they do. They juggle many things especially those robbing them of direction. They are individuals who possess many skills and do not rely on one for their expertise.  It is important to note that "Jack of All Trades, Master to None" is a figure of speech used to refer to someone who is an all-round person. Hence I pose the question, are you an all-round kind of an individual? Are you knowledgeable enough to fix things without whining? Somebody who is a jack is capable of doing almost everything but unfortunately is unable to master one particular skill which makes them disadvantageous in a way when an expert is needed in a particular field. Nevertheless, why do you need to be a Jack of All Trades?

You will easily adapt to situations and circumstances without having to complain about any particular job being hard. Due to your expansive knowledge, you find it easy doing any particular work be it manual labor or office work. You may not be good or skilled enough at what you do but you do it all heartedly without worrying what the outcome might be. This is how we all need to be. Are you able to do different jobs at work? Can your leaders count on you when they need something done immediately? Remember, being a Jack of All Trades will contribute a lot to your CV as an employee. You will find employers interested in hiring you because you are an all-round kind of person who can be counted on at any time. Since you are knowledgeable, you use your skills to make work easier. You kind of develop that go-getter attitude such that when an opportunity arises, you are the first one to go for it. Essentially, adaptability is useful and that is what you want to be, USEFUL. 

You will also become more confident in life. Being an all-round kind of an individual makes one believe that they can tackle anything that comes their way. If you find it easy to do the things that you love, you gain confidence. With a wide enough variety of skills, you could always be doing something you’re good at, constantly boosting your confidence no matter what you’ve set your mind to. Confident people do not hesitate to pursue anything, they go for it and this helps them build their confidence in the long run. 

It is not bad to be a generalist as the jacks of all trades are always referred to.  They are the people who end up running the show anyway. All these CEOs and Entrepreneurs you see, they had a broad range of skills, that's why they have managed to maneuver and get those titles. Remember, that CEO was once an administrator or a finance officer somewhere, but because he or she is skilled enough, they manage to do several things and that made them successful. As technology becomes a commodity with the democratization of information, it’s the big-picture generalists who will predict, innovate, and rise to power fastest.  Jack of All Trades usually ends up leading the other employees. Why? Because they end up knowing almost every aspect of the business and have more opportunity than someone who rose through ranks only doing one particular job. They, therefore, fit well in leadership roles. Know that when you have different kinds of skills, you can effectively establish authority over other employees. 

In the end, for a business that’s starting, a Jack of All Trades can be very helpful to make its establishment worthwhile, but, for an already built brand, masters can be very helpful in taking the brand to greater heights.


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