Why Less Screen Time is Important

Sep 16, 2020

There is so much we can indulge in when we take a break from watching Tv, computer, or any device that has a screen. I know this is not easy because we need to be entertained at one point but, limiting screen time can make us accomplish more than we think. Remember, saying no to screen time means saying yes to something else. In this 30-day challenge, I am challenging you to significantly reduce screen time and see just how much you can do and achieve this month. You will realize that time spent watching Tv can be of great value when directed into something meaningful.

 Did you know that we tend to be more attentive when we reduce screen time? Yes, this is quite possible. Too much screen time usually shifts our focus from one thing to another over a short time; It is therefore with no doubt that being glued on Tv all day creates a self-imposed handicap that makes it hard for us to focus and do deep work. 

Let us create a habit and challenge ourselves that this month we will maximize our time by doing something meaningful. Take 2 hours off the screen and do something around the house and see the amount of time you lose on entertainment. Remember, watching Tv is not wrong but too much of it can be dangerous as time is the most valuable asset at our disposal and we must try and use it wisely. 

Try to think just how much impact less screen time could have on your life in a year. A habit that is formed little by little lead to big changes in our lives. Reducing screen time is something that can greatly change our lives and perceptions big time. Remember that work that you are always putting on hold? Take at least 3 hours off the screen and do it and see the outcome. 

Recently, I discovered that I do more things that matter when not glued to Tv or Computer. This has been one of my biggest eye-openers. I can truly testify the impact of this and recommend some activities that you can do. I have always been a lover of journals; You can spend extra time writing your journals too. Create a daily routine that will make you utilize your time well. Read a book; I challenged myself and decided that this year 2020, I will be reading one book in a week and trust me I have been doing exactly that. All these I cannot do if I keep watching Tv all the time. 

How productive are you when you wake up in the morning? Just imagine waking up in the morning and going straight to your screen; Do you know how much time you are wasting? Be intentional with your time. Try and calculate the time you spend on screen versus the time you spend doing something meaningful and see how much you are likely to benefit from limiting screen time. 

Today being day 4 of our 2nd week of the 30-day challenge, I desire that we all try and reinvent something new. Take time off the screen and share with your friends something meaningful that you have done in September or that you tend to do with your hours off the screen.


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