Uncertain Times Call for Positivity and Aggressiveness

Oct 05, 2020

We will all experience those lows and high moments at one point in life and, such times call for immediate action when it comes to our career success. Regardless of the challenges that uncertain times comes with, we have to keep pushing and keep a positive mindset; Such moments will always need you to be aggressive and ever ready to face what life throws your way.

How do you deal with workplace change while at the same time, stay productive, find purpose and direction in your career, lead others, and increase efficiency? Being positive about the work you are doing amidst the continuous swirl of negative news can affect both your mental and physical well-being. I, therefore, encourage all of us to try and attract positive energy, the absence of this can take the pleasure out of our job which will, in the end, affect our productivity.

How is your mental outlook regarding your career goals during uncertain times? Do you see yourself as a failure? Or are you wondering how you will achieve your career goals? All in all, know that you are not alone, other people are going through challenging times too and how you overcome them is what matters. It is not too late to achieve the goals you had planned before, everything will look normal as long as your mindset is positive. It is always very easy to develop a negative mindset and attitude about your career during such times.

However, you can acknowledge the reality of the circumstances without deciding to give up on all your aspirations. Just focus on your goals and have a well-articulated work plan that you can look at every morning. Countless distractions can readily influence what you think and do.

Under uncertain times, it is easy to lose focus on your goals and the steps contributing to their achievement. I, therefore, advise you to try and maximize your energy, effort, and abilities. They will increase your chances of being successful in the future. Always maintain your support system and professional contacts, they will also help you stay focused on your goals. Believe it or not, the people you surround yourself with influence your behavior and habits.

They will either encourage you or discourage you. Choose your circle wisely. I have always preached celebrating small wins, during this time, I encourage all of you to acknowledge them regardless of how small or big they are.

Let us be passionate and do our work with the zeal we had before everything changed. I know some of you are already saying 2020 is a wasted year, No, it is not. The uncertainty it has come with does not hinder us from achieving our goals; Mindset is everything. Just be aggressive, go for it.


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