The secret to finding mission, calling and purpose in your career

Apr 01, 2021

The only way you can keep your power and peace is by attaching yourself to what you desire to accomplish and not attaching yourself to people, a place, a company, or a project. 

I am always thrilled when I see different leaders sharing how important it is to attach yourself to a mission, calling, and purpose. 

I appreciate them for the good message they pass across but let me give my opinion. 

This pandemic has forced many of us to start making a career pivot. I know how scary that can be, more so when you weren’t preparing for it. 

At the same time, all the unexpected changes may have you looking for that deeper purpose so that your next career move is the right one. 

You start feeling uncertain and weary about your new direction; is it safe to make a move? Is this what I really should be doing? What if I make a mistake? 

I have always desired to help my clients find their calling, I ask them some questions that I used to ask myself when I realized I was moving down a path that didn’t serve me, because, while it can feel uncomfortable, it’s important to stop and reflect on what you truly want before making a big career move. And it starts by one knowing what their mission is. 

What’s your mission in life? 

I remember how I used to look for my mission; it took quite a while to finally get it. But then again, I kept asking myself “what’s my passion?”

If I could just find that one thing I was so passionate about, I’d figure out the rest of my life. 

Can you relate?

If that sounds familiar, then you are not alone; many people are going through what you are experiencing.

It is time you ask yourself; are you happy? Who are you proving yourself to? Is there a way you can change how you do things?

All in all, assess how your career truly makes you feel. All of us have gone through rough times in the office. Are you struggling with burnout or completely lost the will to pursue your career? Understand that if your goals don’t excite you anymore, it’s time to start thinking if that is truly what you want. 

Just because your parents had dreams of you being a lawyer doesn’t mean you should listen. It is important that you put your dreams first. What everyone else wants for you is not important. You will never find real satisfaction if proving yourself to others is the biggest motivator in your career. Take a moment and be sure your actions are motivated by the right reasons.


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