The power of living in the present moment

Feb 18, 2021

I know in life people go through a lot that they wished they shouldn't go through. But it is part of life; we cannot have a smooth journey without obstacles. All that matters are how we manoeuvre through difficult times while living in the moment taking one day at a time.

Our thoughts and time have a significant role to play in living the present moment. When you are not being present, you become a victim of time; your mind is pulled into the past or the future.

The past will always fill us with regret. Regardless of what we do, we cannot change whatever happened. All it takes is acceptance and taking control of the present.

If we want to change our lives, those changes need to take place now. Dwelling on the past will only keep us distracted. We are not in the past or future; we are here; we are now. This is where our focus should be. 

Eckhart Tolle in his book “The power of now,” suggests that the past and the future should act as tools to help us make decisions and that we shouldn’t live in the present completely out of context.

He suggests that whatever we once went through should strengthen us and make us better people in the present. 

How then can we live in the present?

We should slow down in this life. The society has always dictated that we should get anything we want instantly. However, life does not work like this, and this is likely to leave us distressed or frustrated. Learning to slow down help us retain our patience when we need it.

Let us learn how to meditate. Meditation is designed to help people focus on the present moment more. It makes us more focused by taking control of our thoughts calmly and helps us acknowledge our feelings from a safe, objective distance. 

If it is a must that we think about the past or the future, let it be in small doses. Make sure you are focusing on the past or the future for a reason. 


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