The odds of focusing your mind and energy to achieve what you desire

Feb 15, 2021

Many times people talk about time management. However, nobody can truly manage time. Here is the thing; regardless of the tricks or strategies you use, you will always have the same 24 hours tomorrow that you had today. 

The difference comes in when you know what you want and focuses your mind on doing it. In that, you do more stuff, with less stress and still have time for yourself. You will in the end achieve your mission and set objectives.

I tell my clients that energy flows to where your focus goes. I frequently tell them that if they want something badly enough, they can have it; if they do not currently have it, it is because they are not focusing on it. 

I am a believer in achieving what I want, and you can achieve anything you want too. It simply starts with a decision and a commitment to becoming the future version of yourself that you want to become. You will then find yourself learning more, focusing more, doing more and even consulting more.  

How about focusing on the joy you experience each time you sit down to have dinner with your family? Focus on all the positive things and what makes you feel good about yourself? What about all the amazing things that you are creating and doing with your life? How about all the good things you have in your life that’s good?

All these are rewards and you will get to achieve your personal and professional goals while directing your energy to things that only benefit you. Because I believe when you decide that you want something, you have already given your energy to it and started focusing on it.

Everything narrows down to you working on your enemy of concentration. Mind-wandering. There is a way you can take control of your wandering mind and other simple ways you can stay focused when you want to achieve more. 

Give your mind more to do: according to recent research by Nilli Lavie at University College of London, adding deliberate distractions actually reduces mind wandering. This is because attention is a limited resource. Therefore, if you fill all the attentional slots in your mind, it leaves no room for other distractions.  

We all now understand that although time is a very important resource, we still have to pay attention and focus our energy to achieve the things that we desire if we want to make it. 


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