Taking Risks Gradually Transforms Us to Our Ideal Selves

Feb 22, 2021

Taking risks may seem scary, but it is the moat standing between you and your success. 

Even though definitions of success vary widely, we all want to be successful. No doubt. But there is one important aspect of success that we should all master, being comfortable to take risks. 

We are not going to be successful unless we get out of our comfort zones and do away with the fear of uncertainty because all the good things in life risks getting awkward. We should know that we will least succeed on our first attempts but with time we become better. 

There is a way taking risks gradually transforms us into someone very close to our ideal self; it is the very one thing that can make us feel alive and the fear we get with taking risks is just a feeling message telling us that we are going outside of our familiar comfort zones. 

Despite some risks being disastrous, with a little discernment, we can take calculated risks that will benefit us regardless of the outcome. 

Say for instance you want to start exercising and you find it hard going to the gym or having morning runs. What’s the worst that could happen? You were hesitant but decided to scribble a routine anyway; you took the risk which did not hurt you in the end. And doing so most likely helped improve your lifestyle. So no regrets! It is all about the attitude you take. 

It all narrows down to us going after the things that we want. Permitting ourselves to try things out, to learn, to fail, to grow and to explore. We naturally build up our self-confidence, grow and open a whole new world for ourselves. 

Although your heart might be racing and your palms sweating, think about what would happen if you did not take the chance? Would you regret the missed opportunity? It all boils down to making a decision today. 

We only have this one life, why not stretch yourself to new heights! You never know what could happen… it is very exciting, isn’t it?

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable; because this is where real growth happens. In the end, this risk-taking habit alone will transform your life. 


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