Stay above your mental limits to build a life-changing mental resilience

Feb 03, 2021

Have you ever asked yourself just how far you can go in achieving your set objectives regardless of the challenges that you go through? I have also been asking myself this question, and I came to understand that every obstacle we encounter in our successful journey is an opportunity for us to build a life-changing mental resiliency. 

Work on things that will nearly break you. Test your mettle. GROW and LEARN. If you succeed, it is good. If you fail, it is a good lesson learned. And as Arthur C. Clarke once said, “the only way to discover the limits of the possible, is to go beyond them in an impossible way.”

What impossible ways do you have that can push you to achieve your dreams? As an Abbot six-star marathon runner finisher, when I started running, I  thought it was my physical limits being tested. Of course, it is important to note that there is an aspect of physical training involved. What I did not know is that the whole exercise was my mental toughness being put on trial. 

I never thought it was possible to complete a full marathon, but then again, I only discovered the limits of possibility by going beyond my impossible way, I never gave up. I remember my brain at some point telling me, “stop this hurts.” But rather than my body being near-physiological capabilities, it was my mind safeguarding me.

I then came to realize that mindfulness is the key to everything. If you have control over your mind and thinking, you have the power to do incredible things. Mindful opens your eyes to what is going on when you feel tired. 

You become fully aware that you can push on, and it is your brain hindering the process. 

A mindful person will be able to pause and think…

“My mind wants me to quit, but my body can handle much more.”

Understand such kinds of urges, recognize them for what they are, then push past them to build your mental resiliency.

I am not saying things will get easier during the whole process, they will in fact get harder. But as you struggle and grow, you will be better equipped to handle everything both physically and mentally. 

The previous day you tried jogging for ten minutes even though you wanted to quit at the 5th minute? That shows mental resiliency; you are building and growing despite the struggles. 


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