Saying the right thing the right way

Apr 08, 2021

People will always remember you when you say the right thing the right way. Honestly speaking, many say lots of stuff but fail to say the right one. When you put out a piece or you are at an event where you will speak, you must be sure to say the right thing, because as it appears, you got one chance to impress.

The first impression always matters a lot. People need to see the confidence in you before they see it in themselves. You cannot say the right thing to others when you cannot do a good job first saying it to yourself. 

Bill McGowan in his book Pitch Perfect: How to Say It Right the First Time, Every time, shares how people can overcome communication pitfalls using the simple Principles of Persuasion that are highly effective and simple to internalize. 

He teaches that saying the right thing, the right way can tell the difference between sealing the deal or losing the deal, advancing your career or suffering a demotion. Therefore, it is important to know how to get across your message the right way.

People should view you as someone who can help others move from the Know How standing to the Do Now pedestal. It is not enough to use sweet words that encourage people, make them feel good and confident; you must take one more step to help them take action.

While being true to yourself and others, don’t be certain of not failing. But think of it this way, even if you’ll fail, you can still believe that you can fix and shift the situation to the advantage of you and others.

 Trying to be perfect is unreasonable. So just think about the precise result you want to get out of a particular conversation and try different strategies to see which one gives you the results more easily, differently. 


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