Rise Above Hard Times in Amazing Ways

Aug 04, 2020

We all go through hard times but how we overcome our downfalls define how strong we will come out of the storm. Today’s article will help you rise above hard times by giving you a few tips that have helped me through my journey of success.

Always seek perspective. When you are going through a hard stormy time, ask yourself, could this have been worse? Always find gratitude in your storms. Has anyone died? Have you lost your job? Do you have a roof over your head? Are you sick? If the answers to all these questions are positive, then you have something to be grateful for. Even when you are going through a tone of challenges, always count your blessings and let your heart be full of gratitude, this way, you will get assurance that even this storm shall pass.

During those difficult times, leverage for growth. You may not know this but the challenges you are facing at the moment are the growth coming your way in wolves clothing.  Make use of them to grow whether they are good or bad.  Did you know that you mostly discover your strengths while at your lowest point in life? When nothing makes sense? That is when you come up with great solutions to your challenges. How can you use your hard times to become more creative, stronger, more enduring, braver, and even authentic? Let your challenges define you because of the turnaround you took when no one expected it.

Feel your pain to heal. For you heal the wounds that have been afflicted to you by people and situations, you need to feel. Allow yourself to feel the pain and do not run away from it even though the society amplifies that we run from our feelings. By doing this, you suppress your emotions and build a blockade into your heart. If you need to cry out, do it. A good example is when a child falls and is hurt, they cry and after a while, they are back into playing. Do not run away from your pain, experience it, feel it, and let go. 

This is the process of healing that is good for your heart. When you harbor pain in your heart, it becomes full of anger, hatred, and block your gifts, greatness, creativity, productivity, and even the positive energy. Do not run away from your feelings, feel them, release them and you will heal faster. Remember, if you don’t feel your feelings, they will become hysterical and with time historical.

Learn to appreciate the season. There is a time and a season for everything, all of us should learn to appreciate this in life. There is a time to be happy and a time to be sad. We cannot be happy all the time; we must experience sad moments at some point. The hard times are the ones that define you. Even the heroes that we know are heroes because of the hard times they went through, how they navigated their challenges, and also the endurance they had during the stormy times. At the end of it all, you will be surprised at how the storms have shaped you. Wear your scars proudly, turn your stumbling blocks into stepping stones, and turn your wounds into knowledge that will help others overcome the same challenges.

Embrace the journey of purification. When you go through the pain and hard times, always remember that you are going through purification. You are being purified to greatness, just like gold that goes through heating and purification. When you accept your challenges, you embrace the process because you know at the end of it all you will shine through your challenges and become a unique person to be envied by everyone. It is in your great trials that you discover your strengths. I hope these pointers will help you overcome your challenges as you scale to greatness.


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