Ready to pitch your business to investors? Do these things

Jun 28, 2021

Here you are, the ducks are lining up in a row as far as business goes. You are now focused on your next step in business. Looking for a strategic investor for financial and business growth. Then comes the chance to prepare yourself for one of the most important aspects of a business. Pitching. How do you go about it?

Pitching to investors opens up your business to tremendous financial and strategic growth resulting from leveraging on business networks. But one needs a few and very important skillsets to come up with and execute a winning pitch.

It all starts with crafting a good story. Like everything else, a good story needs to present a conflict and resolution. What need is your business meeting? How is your business making life better? What challenges are been eliminated by your business offering? Investors love to hear that their possible financial contribution and skillset in your business will result in great impact. Hence craft a good business story in your pitch.

Have the necessary facts and figures relating to your business and industry well detailed. No investor wants to invest in a vague dream. Have all the facts right. Alongside that, detail your business’s unique selling proposition. What about your business is unique and how does that benefit the customers, investors, and other stakeholders you are working alongside with?

Then comes the nonverbal aspects of pitching to investors that contribute positively to your presentation. Things like dress code. Have you dressed aptly in your pitch? While this may seem out of question, it positively or negatively impacts your pitch. Work on your body language as well. Do you exude confidence, hope, competence? Do you motivate change simply by talking about your business?

Also, smile. A smile can be one of the greatest assets in creating interest for your business with the investors. Nobody wants to listen to a gloomy pitch at the very least.

Ensure that your presentation is well designed and laid out. Make it visually appealing. The main goal is to hold your investor's interest and gain their participation through the presentation. If able to include audiovisual aspects in the presentation such as short videos and audios, go along with that as well.

Lastly, make sure that your pitch has a clear call to action. What do you want the investor to do? If it’s funding you are seeking, how much? If it’s business mentorship you are seeking, detail measurable ways of doing it.

With the above tips on how to pitch as well as great practice it will get easier to find investors for your business. Go out and give it a shot. The possibilities are endless.

By Muindi Kimanzi


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