Prioritizing your priorities when everything is a priority

Nov 11, 2020

Having a to-do list and planning your projects is important. But how do you prioritize the tasks when everything seems like a priority? How do you tell that there are tasks that need more focus? Instead of getting overwhelmed, you need to learn how to prioritize your work which is entirely possible.

You are likely to succeed in all your life goals, the engagement of your team and your role as a leader if you know how to prioritize your goals and time. There is no doubt about that. Personally, I came to realize that one of the biggest challenge leaders face is accurately prioritizing the work that matters on a daily basis. They do not know which task to accomplish and how much time they should spend.

First of all, understand the meaning of the word priority, it is "something that is regarded as more important than others," what does this mean? It means you cannot have more than one priorities though there must be a more valuable task than all others. 

Just make sure all the tasks meet their reasonable deadlines. Maximize any available opportunity and accomplish them in time. This will help you prioritize your tasks. Let us see now how you can prioritize your work when everything else seems a priority:

Set clear deadlines for each task

Make your tasks more personal, urgent, actionable, and meaningful. Gather all your priorities in one place and put them in the order you want them to be completed. Prioritize one task every day. If you have more than one, you can as well prioritize them all by just planning your day. However, you will need to focus on a single task at a time for successful progress. 

Analyze value

You need to assess the value of each task. Of course, some are very important to your business or organization. Point them out. This process will help you know how to prioritize and get more done. 

How are people impacted by your work? Knowing that will also help you assess value. For example, you can focus on client projects before office work, set the CEOs office before yours etc. 

You do not have to be perfect

Stop thriving for perfection. If you are affected by everything you do and keep considering people's opinions you will never accomplish all your tasks in time. What you need to do is get the job done by 85%-95% and delegate to someone who will do the small fixes for you. 


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