Positive energy is the real deal

Oct 25, 2021

I can not fathom the number of times I wake up in the morning and feel like there is no way I am getting out of my bed and heading to work. Or at times even feel like there is no energy left in me to keep doing what I do. Definitely, I know I am not alone in this. The funny thing is that mostly, I have no good reason to feel discouraged. It is just a matter of feelings and emotions running through my mind.

With that, I have realized that failing to counter such small internal and personal matters sometimes leads to severe issues that might spoil your entire mood and how you handle things later on. Positive energy is what drives me through such moments. When I wonder why something I had planned for too long never materialized or why someone I had really believed in failed me, I just have to turn on my positivity and charge it to 100%.

Positive energy does not require you to read many books or follow any formula to achieve it. It is simply a state of mind that allows you to expect good things despite all the negativity that could be surrounding you at the moment. It goes along with a positive attitude, which will require you to anticipate happiness, success, and opportunities no matter how your feelings are or what real-life situations look like.

Every time I encounter a discouraging situation. I try to keep my thoughts balanced and truthful. But, remember, the results are 100% based on how I will deal with the situation. This is why I give any state of affairs the positivity it deserves. Knowing the unrivalled way of handling and winning any case is by remaining positive. Once you have won this first step, you are assured of handling the rest of the situation.

The next time you feel like you are on an emotional roller-coaster, remember to stay positive and learn to accept that not everything is personal. Also, give credence to the criticism that comes your way and serve it with the positive energy it requires. Most of us want to handle situations based on our personal feelings, which is primarily a wrong move. 

I have been forced to contend with some of the most challenging circumstances in my leadership journey, and I can affirm that staying positive is just the first step of winning. I try as much as possible not to let my feelings and emotions drive me. Somehow, and I am sure you can all confirm this, feelings are rarely positive. So instead, apply positive energy as many times as you can. In fact, do it in all situations, and from there, you will find it easy to handle any situation. So on this, I will say positive energy is the real deal.




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