Oops! When everything is your fault

Feb 14, 2022

“The first rule of leadership, everything is your fault” I got this line from the movie ‘A Bug’s Life. It is a line that hits differently when you are on the receiving end. No leader ever wants to fess up with their shortcomings. The good thing about making a mistake is the chance to rectify it. The good thing about falling is the chance to get back on your feet and keep walking; the possibility of getting back something you had lost is always there. But there are some mistakes you would make, and they will not give you the chance to recover. You just have to let it rain and wait for the rain to end.

As a leader, you will often find yourself on the wrong side. This occurs primarily when a decision you made has proved to be a wrong move. So, what should you do when it hits you that the decision you made one month ago in a meeting is really costing your organization?

A good leader admits mistakes and acts swiftly to rectify them. When there may be no time left to correct an error, I usually allow the storm to just pass. The best thing is to protect the interests of the organization and my employees from further damage. It is wise to lose one thing and save the rest rather than lose both in an attempt to save one.

When anything is beyond me, I am usually aware it is a grave mistake. But, first, I will have to forgive myself. This is the only way to true happiness and success in life. It is good to admit that we are not perfect, and at some point in life, we are bound to make mistakes, sometimes grave mistakes. Forgiveness is an act of divinity, even forgiving ourselves, which we rarely do.

  • After self-forgiveness, I can focus on the following to counter the effects of my mistakes:
  • Give yourself permission to put things on hold – One great move one should take when a dire mistake is made is just to put the process on hold first to stop the further damage it might cause.
  • Seek professional help- You may benefit from talking to a professional, and you will realize that there is always a way out for everything.
  • Get clear about what you want- Even though the mistake might have already caused some damage, it is essential to be clear about what you want and focus on it.
  • Notice when you are being self-critical - Silence the messages of your inner critic. We are our own enemies. You will be surprised to hear what your inner self tells you. If all that is coming from the inner you at such moments is not favourable, silence it.

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