Live and think positively

Jul 12, 2021

It is okay to have negative thoughts and feelings. Especially in a time like this, it’s not strange if you notice that your thoughts are often a bit more negative than they were before. But, maybe you have also noticed that these negative thoughts also bring negative feelings… and that’s not nice! I have good news for you: you can learn to live and think positively! Find some tips on how to do this in this blog.

  1. Thoughts and feelings

To live more positively it is important to first take a look at your current thinking pattern. Negative thinking often happens subconsciously and automatically. The negative thoughts ‘automatically’ force themselves upon you. These automatic negative thoughts can cause negative feelings. To prevent you from feeling negative, it is crucial to become aware of your negative thoughts. Try to recognize them! When you do recognize them, you can ask yourself a few questions:

  • How much evidence do I have for this negative thought?
  • Can I look at it from a different perspective?
  • What would I advise a good friend / family member if they had the same negative thought?

By taking a good look at your negative thoughts, you’ll notice that it will make you feel differently. It often creates a less negative or even a positive feeling!

  1. Reflect

We often tend to ignore our successes and focus on the things that go wrong. Why don’t we try to turn it around? So, what are you truly grateful for? What are you proud of? What compliments have you received lately? Write it all down and try and look at it from a different perspective. 

  • Tip: Buy yourself a nice notebook or gratitude journal. This might motivate you to continue to reflect on a daily basis.
  • Tip 2: Start your day with a little moment of reflection for a positive attitude.
  1. Share

Share positive experiences, stories and ideas with other people. This is a good exercise to maintain your focus on becoming more positive. Talk to a friend, neighbor or a family member and exchange positive thoughts and stories. By sharing ideas and tips, you can learn from one another! Motivate each other to keep on going and support each other when things aren’t going well.



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