Keep pushing: You'll get there

Apr 30, 2021

This is very intentional. I know we have at one point in our lives gone through situations that push us to give up on the things that we treasure. Our families, our careers, love, and some of us have even given up on life. It is not too late for you to regain back the zeal you once had for the things that mattered. The good thing is that you are going to handle it like a pro because you already have the experience that you did not have in the past.

Taking a break is not giving up, and now it is time for you to reclaim your spot once more and live your life purpose on this earth. Relive the passion you once had and free up the spirit of curiosity again and start exploring. You will lose nothing but have all the good things to gain in this life. The universe always rewards those who try; people who keep pushing always have a breakthrough and aids always come their way. So no matter how discouraged, how weary and exhausted, how heart fainted you are you can reignite your zeal, it is not too late.

However, the truth is, it is not going to be easy, you are going to encounter challenges; you will need to brace yourself up. You will be expected to rise and remind yourself of the things that kept you going before your zeal went off. If you had a routine that you used to follow, revisit it once more and start following it consistently. With time you will catch up and be as good as before.

Set goals that are timely and realistic so that they do not overwhelm and frustrate you. Always celebrate your small wins. They are the ones that motivate you, to keep winning. Divide your goals, into small goals so that you are not overwhelmed. This way you will be able to track your goals and eventually be able to achieve your goals without straining your system.

How disciplined are you? Discipline is one of the factors that determine how bad you want to re-ignite your zeal and be in control of your life again. What derails most of us is that we do not know what we want and the period that we want to achieve. You will need to be very focused and intentional in achieving your goals and getting back on your feet. That’s why you will not hit the snooze button of your alarm when it rings at that specific time you set it. Your success will depend on how consistent and disciplined you are.

Also, make sure you have a support mechanism that keeps you in check. This can be your business partner or family member. Your circle of genius matters because they are the ones that will help you achieve your desired goals whether long term or short term. However, you have to be careful with the people you surround yourself with, ensure they are not the same people who lead you to your downfall when you lost your zeal. You must ensure that this time around you keep off negative energy.

Always remember that all of us need a break, your body needs a break. Do not shy off from loving yourself more and always putting yourself first. Know that at the end of the day you will always have yourself and nobody else.


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