It’s not how good you are, but how good you desire to be

Apr 07, 2021

Your desire to improve should be stronger than the acceptance, achievements, and everything you have so far accomplished. 

Each day when you wake up, ask yourself, do you have the desire to change? How is my comfort affecting me? Is it possible to navigate all boundaries and accomplish more and more things in my career life?

For some time now, I have been thinking about my recent dedication to some key areas of my life. From waking up for my morning runs to at least reading a book every week. What has changed? Why is this? 

Then I realized what has changed is my strength to resolve. My desire to be successful, live healthily, and make the most out of every day had suddenly become stronger than the rest. 

When the temptation to lose hope came in, it was suddenly weaker than my drive to hold true to my current heading.  At this point, it all becomes very clear.

Have you ever heard people saying “you cannot stop doing one thing without replacing it with another”? it is because we are always being pulled in a particular direction. Our minds are never relaxed but always seeking something; it is that something with the greatest pull that your mind will be drawn to. 

So for example, if you cannot quite a particular habit, it is not a matter of can or can’t but the benefit of it in the end; what value you are creating in your mind. If you cannot quit, it means there is nothing in your mind other than the desire to continue with that habit. Find a strong desire and beat the habit. 

One of the main differences between someone successful and someone who is not isn’t their ability or talent or knowledge, but their desire.

Successful people have a strong desire for what they want. And that is why they are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve their goals and to turn their dreams into reality.

Do you have the burning desire for success? Are you willing to do whatever it takes to achieve your goals? Are you willing to sacrifice your leisure and commit to taking massive action until you get the things you want in life?

So how do you boost your desire for success?

Burn the ships. 

If you want to burn the island you’ve got to burn the ships. 

Many times in life, you're not doing your best and going all-in because you know you have a "cushion" to fall onto.

You know that it is okay to fail and it is okay even if you don’t achieve your goals.

Your goals and your dreams are not a must-achieve, and so you think that it is alright to not do it with your best. And it is alright to just try.

And this is exactly what happens when you know you can fail.

If you’re truly committed to your goals and dreams, you need to burn the ships. Leave yourself with no other means of escape.

It is either you go big, or you go home.

Many people want to be rich, but most of them are not rich because they’re okay with the amount of money they’re earning now.

They want to achieve great success in life, but even if they don’t, it is alright because they can still survive. The world still goes on and everything will still be fine for them. And that is exactly why they don’t have the desire for what they want.

Burn the ships. Give yourself no other options but to achieve it.


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