It is impossible to become successful without self-education

Jun 28, 2021

Are you surrounded by average people who are telling you to get a college degree? Well, formal education is good for living an average life. But if you want to live an extra ordinary life and the life you dream about, you need to self-educate yourself. Self-education is important for success and growth in life.

Most people choose formal education and after completing the degree, they stop educating themselves. To succeed in life, you need to self-educate yourself. Fill your mindset with the best books. For example, you can read self-improvement books, business books, inspirational books etc.

It is however, important before you start self-educating yourself, to convince your mind why it is for success. Here’s why self-education is important for success.

1. It makes you think out of the box.

Self-education will make you think outside of the box. It transforms you into a new person. When you start to self-educating yourself, your brain will get out of the narrow mindset. And it will start to expand your mindset.

You will be able to solve any problems without any difficulty. Most people who never try self-education always remain at the same place.

They stop learning after getting the college degree and this prevents them from thinking out of the box.

However, successful people read and self-educate themselves. It makes them think out of the box.

2. It makes you smarter than others.

If you want to be smarter than others, start self-educating yourself. This will change your life forever. It will give you lots of knowledge about success and growth.

Majority of people stay average because they never choose self-education. They think they are smarter than others but this is not the reality. They only imagine themselves as smart person.

However, successful people never accept they are smart because they believe in lifelong learning. They call themselves “a student of life”.

They believe self-education is important for success and this is why they improve themselves by learning new things every day.

3. It makes you an optimistic person.

“Pessimistic person always see a difficulty in every opportunity and optimistic person always see opportunity in every difficulty”.

Self-education will make you an optimistic person because you will have more referrals. In other words, you will think like” if he can do it, then I can do it too “.

Unfortunately, most people never look for referrals, so they believe it is hard to become successful in life.

This is the reason you need to self-educate yourself. There are lots of benefits of self

education which you can use in order to become successful.

4. It makes you rich person.

Self-education will definitely make you rich. There are 85% of millionaires are self-made millionaires. They acquired this wealth from self-education.

Self-education will give you financial intelligence. When you financial intelligence, there is no doubt, you are going to be rich.

Most people believe that you can only get rich with a college degree but reality is different. 30% billionaires are college drop out. And these billionaires have 85% wealth of the total population.

This is the reason self-education is important for success and growth in life.

5. It will make you a better communicator.

People who has great communication skill often wins the heart of others. There are lots of books about communication like “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie.

If you want to succeed, you need to be a great communicator. This will help you in long run for success.

Most people are not good in communicating with others professionally.

Unfortunately, this is why they like to be surrounded with average people.

f you want to grow, you need to interact with successful people and you need a great communication skill to do that.

6. It makes you think big

Thinking big is very important in life. Self-education is important for success because it helps you to think big like other successful people.

It makes you think beyond limitations and this is the biggest reason why people succeed in life.

Most people are not comfortable thinking big because they believe it is impossible to achieve.

If you want to achieve high level of success in life, you need to think big. And this will come from self-education. The more referrals you have, the bigger you will think.

7. It will make you unstoppable.

Self-education will make you unstoppable. When you will start to self-educating yourself, you will become more productive in life. The more you will be productive, the more you will become unstoppable.

You will be at the level where no one can ever stop you reaching your goals.

Most people listen to others and eventually they stop. This is not the right way.

Successful people never listen to friends, family, acquaintances, or internet. If they believe something they can do it, eventually they do it.

 By Dr. Edward Mungai 



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