Integrity is Quality

Dec 06, 2021

Without integrity, consider yourself unprofessional. It is one fundamental value that I intensely seek before hiring anyone. Integrity is the state of sound moral principle; sincere and honest and following ethical principles wholeheartedly. An individual with integrity has a moral compass that never wavers, regardless of the consequences attached to their decisions.

It is simply reliably doing the right thing not only in public but also behind closed doors. People find it hard to live with integrity merely because they lack the courage to say no and the guts to face the truth. How can you impact society if you are still lying about the prices of a product for you to make the extra cash? Is it tough to do something in the right way because that is the right thing to do? I tend to believe that it is easier to be true to oneself and get ridiculed than lie and incur your abhorrence.

Integrity starts by changing yourself-develop your character first since our deeds are the ones that determine us. A majority of people don’t know that integrity boils down to trust. Think about your relationship with your family, friends or colleagues at work. The ones you stick with frequently have depicted that they honestly care about you and do precisely what they do. This totals customer retention when employees practice operational integrity in an organization. As a result, the day to day activities run smoothly, and a thriving work environment is efficiently achieved.

Personally, possessing ethical standards makes the managers and fellow employees fully trust and respect you. Also, it helps you achieve professional goals since you will be able to have a frank and open mind to communicate with people from different backgrounds and foster unity among them.

Putting integrity into action means;

  • Your words are consistent with your actions
  • You are not afraid to admit to mistakes and correct them accordingly
  • You are honest, reliable and trustworthy
  • You communicate openly with sincerity
  • You have appropriate character and behavior that reflect these values

These traits foster a positive workplace culture. Communicating politely, respecting the thoughts and ideas of those around you and consistently working on relationships depicts that you are a team player, making people aware that they can entirely rely on you.

Customers would want to buy from or comfortably work with organizations that have a reputation for integrity. A lack of it can sap productivity; hence, it is critical. How will you fulfil your commitments and goals without integrity?

Everyone should seek to possess this quality since it’s that one principle that has never failed me. I call it the seed for achievement. You should always purpose to do the right thing, even if it means moving heaven and earth.


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