Humility and Honesty are the Most Needed Virtues in Life

Jul 03, 2020

Virtues are essential qualities in one's life because they determine your value as a person in society. For me, the 2 Hs make a very huge difference in our lives, our journey towards success, and also plays a very big role in how well we relate with one another be it is at our workplace, at home with our family members and our circle of friends. These 2 Hs build a big percentage of our personality because it is from these 2 virtues that we derive our character.

Honesty is when you speak the truth which is accompanied by your actions and what you believe in, remember that your actions will say more. No matter how much you prove your honesty, the way you talk, do things, and even relate with people will say a lot about your character. You cannot pretend to have values that you do not possess and therefore, in the long run, you will have to live your gospel because you cannot pretend for so long. Traits of honesty can be easily identified in person, if you are genuine, trustworthy, faithful, and have integrity, then you are honest and anyone will identify them without asking.  They say your character defines you, many people however disregard honesty. They want to be successful in life without honesty and forget that something builds on lies will not last for long. The foundation of your plans has to be built on the truth and nothing else for them to be successful and firm. Be honest even though truth can sometimes be painful and unbearable. Do not sugarcoat tell it as it is.

Humility is the quality of being humble and not having pride; it comes with self –development. Why am I saying so? Because when you are humble, you give yourself room for growth, and you are open to corrections. It means that you are ready for change, and you listen to advice that is given to you in good faith and for your good. This way, you can overcome challenges easily, recover fast when you fall, and move on quickly. This is because you have the zeal that is pushing you to be great and you are humble. Pride is our worst enemy, why? Most of us view humility as a weakness, which is not true. Humility shows that you are control of your life, it is a sign of strength. When you are humble, you take control of everything that is happening in your life, and this way you become in control of every single decision you make. 

 You can acknowledge when you are wrong, it makes you solve your problems faster. You are likely to be vulnerable but, at the end of it, people will acknowledge how strong-willed and confident you are because not everyone has the confidence to face their truth even when they know they will be humiliated. What you do not know is that most of them envy your courage and the fact that they cannot approach challenges the way you do. When you are humble, you will know the difference between self -confidence and pride. Humility and self-confidence are in the same place because they cultivate your self-esteem. Therefore, admit when you are wrong, take responsibility for your actions, be slow to judge, apologize when you are wrong and always have a heart full of gratitude.


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