How to elevate yourself to greatness

May 16, 2020

Shifting from just being busy to actually being more focused and productive is one of the prerequisites for survival especially during this period of Coronavirus pandemic. We are living in uncertain times where we do not know what a new day holds. We are however confident that these trying times shall end. 

We thus need to get out of our areas of solitary as greater people, both at our respective workplaces and as individuals. During this quarantine period, if you are not careful, you may end losing focus by being addicted to interests that do not yield much to your economic or personal wellbeing. As such you need to starve your distractions so as to remain relentless and consistent. Remember that leaders are obsessed with getting things done. 

Time management is now old school because there is plenty of it. You need to become a master of time then greatness will be your portion: when you are able to master your time you become more efficient in delivering better results. 

The moment you are less ambitious, you find yourself hanging around people who do not add any meaningful value in your life; when you are idle you find that your electronics become your addiction which shows that you do not have the passion or drive that you need. 

The repercussion is that you will be stuck in one place without any impactful growth. One thing to keep in mind is your plan for the day. Arise early, create clear plans, and ensure that this leads to an exceptional routine that will drive you towards growth.

Another way of elevating yourself to greatness is by knowing your self-worth. You further need to avoid things that set you back. Remember that greatness comes with keeping going and not procrastinating or paying attention to naysayers. While it may be a bit difficult to adopt and maintain extra levels of discipline, there are different ways in which this is possible. 

An excellent idea is that one can get a mentor who will share practical skills and encourage you to keep going. People who share tips like Edward Mungai of Inspire Leadership who does this on his social media pages and has hitherto established an online course on the same are some of the mentors who appear to be readily available, at least virtually. 

Another thing one can do to facilitate this is through constant reading and taking courses. This is, of course, will be doable if the skills learned are put into action. Being great is a journey like any other that has its hurdles. For one to be great they need to sacrifice normalcy and take an extra step to achieve this. 

You do not have to always agree with everything that is thrown your way, you need to become independent and discover numerous ideas that you think may work for you. 

A redacted version of this article was first published on Saturday Standard on 16th May 2020 by Elizabeth Kanini and Solomon Irungu


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