How to Effectively Work From Home During Covid-19

Nov 18, 2020

I am curious, months have elapsed since the first case of Covid-19 was identified; how is working from home for you? I know it may have taken time for you to adapt to the new changes, but how do you ensure this does not affect your productivity, personal life, and growth?

 There was a need for us to minimize movement and maintain social distancing, most probably the MAIN reasons why companies asked their employees to work from home but this came with challenges. 

Mental health problems have been on the rise like never before, and adjusting between work and personal life has never been difficult than it is now.  Nevertheless, work has to be accomplished, and the good news is, it is possible to be even more productive than you were in the office. 

This is the time to maintain regular hours.  Set a reasonable, personalized schedule and stick to it. Work only in between those hours and stop once they are over. This will give your brain time to work and also time to rest.  It is important to stick to a productive schedule; working from home does not mean you interfere with your personal life, be flexible, and know how to manage your hours well. Call it a day once the hours are up. 

Avoid blending work time and personal time. Certain personal activities can wait for when working from home. I know this can be hard because at home nobody supervises us and we find ourselves doing things that are not work-related. I'd recommend that we try and maintain a healthy level of productivity by keeping a decluttered workspace. It is hard staying focused on a messy workspace.

Working from home has allowed us to differentiate between what works and what does not. Being kind to ourselves doesn't cost a penny. Make adjustments when need be. Figure out how you can be both a productive and a good parent at the same time. I know it is one of the biggest personal and professional challenges you will ever take. But, c'mon, you can do it!

Hopefully, when your boss first informed you that you will be working from home, you had identified ideal workspaces where you can do your best work. Having one provides a sense of normalcy. I have an office at home, and you know what? I did not know recreating an environment in which I feel more successful could make me more productive! And yes, you will be more effective when you have a place at home you can call an office. 

Although working from home during covid-19 may be a challenge, I am confident you can acclimate to it! All it takes is a shift in mindset. Have a positive attitude and do not let any destructions hinder you from being productive.


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