How to Avoid Negativity from News, Social Media, Friends and Family During Covid-19

Jul 27, 2020

Most of us rush to report negative news than we do when delivering positive news. We are more exposed to negativity than we are to positivity hence our minds naturally focus more on what we expose them to. We focus more on sadness than on the things that bring us joy. This stands out because when we listen to the news, social media, and our friends, what we hear most are negative things, which in turn amplifies negativity in our lives. When we receive bad news, we talk about it for a while but, when something good happens, we keep it to ourselves.

You tend to dwell on bad memories more than the good memories because when you struggle, you cry for a week but whenever you succeed, you celebrate for a day. Let us learn to appreciate the good things and the small wins in our lives more. By doing this, you spread positive vibes and step by step, improve the whole societal view of what is going on at the moment. Learn to share good news just as much as you share bad news, for example, an accident. During this pandemic, let us try and spread positive news to our friends and family; be cautious when posting on social media or commenting on a post.

You will notice that when you spread factual news, negativity reduces because then you do not say things that you are not sure about. Negativity is a feeling, when you feel negative, your emotions are painful and you just want to keep complaining and venting your anger to people around you. But when you have positive energy, you become grateful to people around you and spread positive vibes. 

Amidst this pandemic, there are so many things that we can be positive about. If you are still breathing, not sick, not dead, you ought to be grateful and thank God for life. But because we have exposed our minds to so much negativity, we want to focus more on the negative when we can be grateful for so many things. You may complain and say this pandemic made you lose your job, miss your promotion, your wedding, or even lose a lot of money but at least be grateful that you are alive and breathing without any difficulty.

Make sure you focus more on the good news and amplify your positivity. What kind of news are you feed your mind every morning when you wake up? What are you sharing with your social media community, with your friends and even family members? Do not have what we call selective reporting. Be sure to report positive news as many times and refrain from spreading negative news. This is the time when we should try as much as possible to be positive as our mental health can be destroyed. During this COVID-19, people are focusing more on the number of new infections than on the number of those who have recovered from the disease. This is because we have trained our minds to focus more on the negative. Do not allow yourself to be exposed to negative news when you can change the way you think and see things by allowing your mind to feed on positive feeds.

Remember, when your emotions are based on facts they cannot control you because you are sure of what you are doing but when your emotions are based on fiction they will be uncontrollable. Therefore, always ensure that whatever news you are receiving is true and full of facts. Give yourself the chance to grow by reading great books that inspire you. Write a journal, write down your thoughts and how you feel. Do not let negativity control your day to day activities. Control what your mind consumes, be positive.


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