How Passionate Are You About Your Dreams?

Mar 14, 2021

Passion is all about loving what you do. Germany Kent once said, “If you are not passionate about what you do, chances are you will not leave a legacy of positive change.” This is my biggest question to you today, what kind of legacy would you like to leave behind? Your dreams should inspire you to wake up every day and keep pushing, but this cannot happen if you do not have the desire to achieve them. Passion is like fuel to our goals and dreams, it wakes up our perseverance and motivation; it gives us the energy to always see the positives in a negative situation and believe that we can do it.

It does not matter the kind of work you do, or whether you are self-employed. What matters is the amount of passion that you have. When we want to achieve our dreams and passion is missing, we are not getting anywhere, let us start by changing our attitude for the better. Did you know that success comes to those who dedicate their passion in life? Have that burning passion to succeed in everything you lay your hands on. 

I always admire those people who try their ultimate best to bring their creations to life. Yes, it might take years, but it shows they are passionate about achieving their goal. Believe that it can be done, be consistent in that one thing that you love doing, that is what I came to realize these inventors do; they dedicate their time and passion into their inventions, they do not care how long it will take for their dreams to come to life. 

Be curious and dedicated to what you do or what you desire to accomplish, that is how passion is built and nurtured. Yes, you have that dream, are you curious to see the outcome? Are you willing to dedicate your time to make it happen? This is where your passion is tested. Just pretend it is the first time doing this thing and enjoy. 

Passion can be nurtured and learned. Yes, it is possible. So if you have not found something you are passionate about, just follow your curiosity and find things that make you happy. It is all about self-discovery, where you will have to dive into your inner self and explore your deepest needs. Something good about passion is it gives wings to your desires and longings. No matter how long it takes, you will still find it. You, therefore, need to start prioritizing your dreams, they will give a reason to keep pushing. 

To stay passionate when it comes to accomplishing your dreams you need to face challenges head-on.  Challenges are bound to rise; it does not matter what career you are in. This something you need to know and be ready to tackle them when they arise. That is how you will keep your passion intact. 

The questions you should ask yourself today are, what are you doing enough to stay passionate about achieving your dreams? Are you seeing yourself leaving a legacy of positive change? These questions should help you in your journey towards success and achieving your goals. 


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