How Can Families Adapt During this Pandemic

Jul 01, 2020

The impact of Corona Virus has been unrelenting: Hospitals are full, students sent home, markets closed, cities under lockdown, and airports shut down. It is a very confusing year for everyone; it is something we have never experienced in years and if you thought 2020 was going to be any better, you were wrong. 

It has been hard for everyone to manage the impact of COVID-19 Pandemic and families are not left out in this. Fortunately, the pandemic has made us realize the value of quality family time but unfortunately, it has brought with it challenges that have forced us to adapt to rapidly changing circumstances, make difficult decisions and deal with disruptions that come with working from home. Adaptability, therefore, is critical during this time, assessing new situations and making intelligent decisions is essential for families.  This pandemic caught us unawares, and I know how everyone has struggled with change. Change is unsettling and disconcerting; you have no idea what is around the corner and how to deal with it when it shows its face. 

Parents have been drastically affected by this; they are frustrated and overwhelmed. They need their jobs and businesses more than ever; their children require help with homeschooling and distance learning. Not everyone can afford this. Nevertheless, there are silver linings. 

Apart from everyday schooling, this is the time where children can develop new skills that can serve them not only now but even later in life. They can try to get out of their comfort zone and learn how to adapt and take charge of their learning. They can discover their talents that are essential for their development. I know it will take time for families to adjust to the changes, however, they can work together to gain a sense of balance; this is just one of the things parents can help their children with. Help them discover their talents. 

There is something beautiful about change; from my experience, it has taught me that no matter how drastic a prospect may seem at first, you will eventually adapt to it. Working from home has not been easy for many family members and has still proven to be hard. I know how hard it has been waking up in the morning with nowhere to go since you were used to getting up in the morning and leaving for a place called "work." There are many distractions coupled with various noises from neighbors' and children playing.  However, you can adapt to all these. The distractions that made you lose concentration can be part of your ambiance. You can develop a working rhythm that can guide you when you wake up until you go to bed. 

You need to hold unto hope or seek help when needed as a family during this time. Let families focus on those small positive things that bring happiness in their lives.  Have those dinners together, watch those movies, and play those video games. Recognize those small challenges that always keep you going and give you the energy to tackle bigger challenges. You can always get help when you feel overwhelmed. I know our mental health has been greatly affected by the challenges we are facing so it will only be wise to seek help. Change is hard but trusts me, we do have an immense ability to adapt. 


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