How Are You Building and Retaining Trust

Jun 18, 2020

Anton Chekhov once said, “You must trust and believe in people or life becomes impossible.” Trust is a very essential value that holds the society together. People cannot exist peacefully if there is no trust among each other. Anton Chekhov has sited this out is a very tough thing to do because you cannot rely on someone when you are not even sure if you can trust them. Trust is not earned in a day; it is something that takes time to build and therefore patience is crucial. I have come up with seven positive ways that will help you build and retain trust with the people that matter the most in your life and even your society in general. 

You must be true to your word. This is something that messes up many people, why? because they make promises that they will not keep; their main intention is just to please others. Do not overwhelm yourself by making promises to people which you know will in turn go unfulfilled.  You are likely to jeopardize your relationships when you go against your words. Always honor your commitments. When you fail to follow through on your commitments whether they are big or small, you disappoint many people. When this happens, their trust in you will be broken. Always keep your promises because broken promises are not easily forgotten and the result will be mistrust from those close to you. 

Communicate efficiently and clearly. Be clear about the commitments you are making to avoid being misunderstood. When everything is laid out, there will be no space for doubt. Always remember that communication is key in every relationship. Even a society cannot function well if the methods of communication are not flawless.

Build trust gradually, do not be in a hurry to impress the other people but believe that good things take time and this is just one of the good things you are trying to build. They might be persuaded to think that your intentions are sincere when this is not the case. Be patient, do not expect anything too soon. This way, the other party will not feel like they are under pressure. Always tell the truth no matter how painful it is. Lies weaken the trustworthiness that exists no matter how small, so you must ensure that you remain sincere.

Carefully make your decisions considering the consequences that follow. Think before obligating yourself. How well are you organized, do you have enough time to fulfill those commitments you have made, if not, do not hesitate to say no, always have the courage to say no because it will save your relationship. It is better to say no than to mess up the trust people have in you.

Consistency is key. Trust is built from consistency. You must always tell the truth, keep your promises, be a good communicator, and always be truthful. When you do all this, trusting you will be so easy and you will not have to force issues. Acknowledge when you have made a mistake, being honest encourages trust from the people around us. Do not be afraid to show people how vulnerable you can be. This displays sincerity and openness and also a great way of gaining trust. Let us all thrive to improve our relationship whether it is in our community, family, and even at work. Always work on improving yourself so that you can be better for other people.


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