Great things never came from comfort zones

May 06, 2021

In life, we can either be comfortable or courageous, rarely can we be both. Why?  Because success often lies in the ability to believe that we “can and will.” It is never a walk in the park and will never be, but with courage and belief, even after suffering setbacks and facing cynics, we can achieve anything!

So when the cynics voice opinions (and they will), just remember that opinions are not facts. Opinions are the lowest form of knowledge and in most instances, merely the confession of a person’s own character.

People will talk and talk, prompting you to stay in your comfort zone; with time, you forget that it is through going beyond your comfort zone that you will see how big the world is, and the opportunities and strengths that you are yet to discover. There’s definitely so much to see! You only need to have that courage to go beyond your comfort zone.

Based on my experience and all the bold moves I have made, I can say that deep inside, we all know what is best for us. Of course, it needs some reflection time to gain more clarity on what we really want. But fear usually come at the forefront of our lives and sadly stops us from doing what we should do.

Being intentional in overcoming all these fears, which popped out along the way allowed me to achieve all my dreams. I still have a long list and of course, fears to go with them, but, I must say that feeling the discomfort and fear, and doing it anyway has led me to some amazing experiences that have equipped me for the next level of my life.

I always tell my clients that “if something doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.” With that in mind, you have to venture out beyond your comfort zone in order to grow and invite great things. Become a learner again, and challenge yourself to climb over barriers. It is absolutely life-changing and essential to growth.

Our growth thrives on challenges, some of us prefer incremental challenges, and others aren’t satisfied until they climb the highest mountain. Challenges bring change. Whether it is discovering a new ability or learning a limitation of ability, we are changed.

A life without change would be quite boring. We need to engage in wild and crazy challenges every day. While some may have a high tolerance for boredom, eventually everyone will want something more.

First, there’s the determination to face them in the first place. How much would we change by just facing them? What about attempting them? Even if we don’t get where we hoped, what will we learn about ourselves in the process? I am a fan of leaving the comfort zone, but also understand what it feels like to take bigger challenges that will help me thrive and achieve more.



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