Get Your Career Back on Track Today Using the Following Tips

Aug 11, 2020

We are experiencing uncertain times, almost everyone wishes everything would go back to normal or like they were before because it is with no doubt that the certainty was better than uncertainty anyway. Your career is as important now as it was before; that is something you should not forget. You still need to commit your search for the positives and especially now that we do not know when this pandemic will end.

Your focus should be on the opportunities that are present. We can become stronger and more resilient individuals than we were before. Let us take the case of Amazon and Google that have evolved drastically over the years and we are not exemptions.  You are growing and evolving every day, things are not staying still as we imagine them and this means we cannot stay the same. We should, therefore, ask ourselves, how do we go back to our work more resilient, more powerful, and with more energy?

Some of us have lost jobs, others have experienced ways in which we work change dramatically like remote working with children all over the house. How then do we prepare for this era that we have no idea of what is coming next? How do we come back stronger? How do we use this as an opportunity to upgrade ourselves since the periods of uncertainty have made us avoid the upgrade? The big QUESTION is, how do you use what is happening now to create the best version of yourself, and the best version of your career knowing we cannot go back to the way things were before?

To answer the above questions, I am going to give you tips down below on how you can move on in your career from a position of strength. 

Try as much as possible to stay in the game. What does this mean? In everything you do at the moment, be flexible, and hang in there. Take charge just like in football where players play both offensively and defensively. You need to be able to keep yourself in the game. This is not the time to lose focus but to take advantage of what is going on to take your career to the next level. Every day is not going to be your best day; there are times you will feel like giving up, losing hope, but stay in the game. You cannot win a game you are not playing. Keep showing up continuously for your job. For those who have lost their jobs, it is time to invest. Look for opportunities and capitalize on them. You will be shocked at how best opportunities exist amidst this pandemic. Use this time wisely. 

Take advantage of this time to learn a new skill, a skill that will be valuable in your career. I know we all need career progressions in our lives, you can take that communication course, that coaching program that I offer or even a diploma courses as long as it adds value to your career. Now is the TIME. Why am I stressing on this? Because when everything gets back to normal, companies will start hiring again, they will be looking for what people did to build their skills and resumes. Do you spend all your time watching Netflix or playing video games during this time or are you preparing for the next job opportunity? 

Notice all those work habits that are helping you be more focused and productive. Why? They will help you be better at your job and be more efficient when you get back to the office. This mostly applies to people working from home. This is the time to notice what is working for you and making you more productive despite all the distractions in the house. Calculate periods of intense focus.  Of course, there are times you feel more productive, what time is that and how long does it take? Take note of that. It can be one hour of intense focus and 30 minutes of relaxation. Do not also push yourself beyond what is not healthy. Take a rest if you need it, it is super important.

The above tips will help you strategize and get back on track in your career if you were losing focus. Take advantage of this time to leverage your career to the next level.


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