Fuel Your Growth Using Difficult Times

Aug 10, 2020

We have all gone through difficult times at some point in life, and the best example I can use is at the moment. I know many people are trying so hard to make ends meet and I am not an exemption. This has made me think deeply and encourage someone today that whatever you are going through can be a stepping stone to your success; take advantage of it to fuel your growth. Life can never be perfect, we have to experience all those lows and high moments, but whatever happens, let it be a lesson to you and me that we can use it to grow and develop ourselves. 

Every successful story I share with you be it about someone else or myself has all gone through difficult times. Trust me, it has never been a walk in the park and I am speaking from experience. Learn to make use of those vulnerable moments to grow that business, to grow that company, and to work on your personal well-being. NOW is the time to take a step back and strategize. Ask yourself, now that this pandemic is here and is not ending anytime soon, what can I do to build myself into a genuine hero? Let this time help you deepen and upgrade your dedication to personal mastery. 

Difficult times humble us and help us get out of our comfort zones. Those are the times we need to focus on our strengths; they have the effect of drawing out our strengths and qualities that would have laid down with it. Try to go through the storm with a plan of action mainly paying attention to your mental, physical and spiritual health. Your plan should not affect you in the long run but should help you develop and grow yourself. Although a person cannot have smooth sailing all the time, he or she can try to stop the boat from capsizing. This is what I am talking about; better try than not try at all. 

Henry Ford once said, “When everything seems to be going against you, remember that even the plane takes off against the wind, not with it” you can use difficult times as a platform for possibility. Embrace the fact that adversity can be a force for your good. It is all in the mind, change your mindset; believe that you will be better embracing challenges and grow into the artistic, productive hero, and human being that you are destined to be from overcoming them.

Let us see difficult times as true gifts and accelerators that provide us with opportunities to believe in ourselves. They are key ingredients to greatness, doing away with them will only drag us behind. We are likely to stay committed to achieving our goals during hard times. Avoiding them will prevent the root rich of character, learning, resilience, and creativity. Trust me, if we do not experience difficult times, most of us will not grow and this means we will not be great. Why? Because such times keep pushing us to become better people in life. 

My advice to you today is to try as much as possible to learn from the difficult times you go through. Learn from the discomfort and what is required of you to be successful. Accept that it is inevitable and avoiding it will only make it come back in bigger ways. See it and embrace it as a true gift on the road to getting better. 


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