Four Crucial Habits to Beat Distractions During Covid-19 Period

Jul 30, 2020

There are so many distractions during this pandemic as I had mentioned earlier. I have, however, realized one thing; digital distractions are on the rise. This is because most of us are too occupied with our social life and in the process neglect our responsibility to our family members.

We no longer want to associate with them but in case spend time on the internet and digital games. This is straining so many relationships and even breaking up families since they can no longer agree on anything; no one is concerned with what is going on in the life of the other person. So many working places have also been affected by this, people are not able to finish their projects on time due to the distractions that surround them.

This article will discuss two habits that will help you beat your digital distractions during this period when you have so much time at your disposal. Every day you wake up full of energy, intellectual potential and the ability to be creative and productive but the moment you stray and say maybe let me check my emails, let me check how many likes I have today on my Instagram or Facebook accounts, each of these distractions is stealing your cognitive bandwidth, in other words, your potential to fully use your creativity, and the gifts that you have reduces each time you become distracted.

I came across something called attention residue and this occurs each time you give in to your distractions. Your attention is left on each of these distractions and your creativity levels deplete each time. The first habit that we are going to apply is a metaphor called a tight bubble of total focus. This bubble will help you lock out all the distractions.

In this bubble, you only let in creative things, inspirational things, joyful people, and amazing people and lock out all the negative energy. Your distractions for example all the digital distractions are locked out. Under digital distractions, even phone calls are in this category because they make you lose your focus, especially during your working period.

Now that we have so much time at our disposal, make sure you maximize the working hours since time has been reduced. Ensure that you are fully focused so that you can be productive and creative. Create at least two or three hours in your tight bubble and work on those projects that you have been procrastinating on.

This means that you do not pick any calls during your bubble time because you are allowing distractions in your bubble and also you are letting the priorities of the caller run your day instead of sticking to yours.

When you lock yourself in the tight bubble, you can finish your projects on time and nothing is fragmenting your attention in your workday. Leave your phone in a different room especially when working on projects that you know are going to be game-changers.

This way, your attention will not be scattered, your mind settles down and ideas start flowing and as a result, you finish your work on time. As I have said before, do not be busy being busy, train your mind to settle down and concentrate on one thing. The other habit you can try at home is the no phone conversation rule.

You have to make it clear that family time is family and that phones should not be used during this time. This goes out to everyone, train yourself, your spouses, and children the great value of family time. This is the time that you spend having deep and meaningful conversations.

Through these conversations, you know what your children and spouses are going through and you will be able to come up with solutions. You will become interested in each other’s life and always know what is going on. The greatest gift you give your loved ones is your attention. When you focus your presence, energy, time, and attention to your loved ones, you make them feel appreciated and validated.

When your attention is on your phone, you leave attention residue on your phone and this means that you will not pay attention to the conversation going on making it hard for you to listen to your loved ones.

This means they will trust you less because they think you are not concerned. The two habits I have discussed apply both at work and at home. Create enough time for your family members, create that bubble on them, and do not let anything distract your family time.

Also adopt the no phone conversation rule at your workplace so that you can give full attention to your clients, your workmates, and even your boss. This way they know they can always rely on you and you can be trusted. Hope this article is helpful and will enlighten you during this period.


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