Focus on measuring your own success

Jul 19, 2021

Have you ever run a marathon?

I personally have run so many marathons. I also know people who have. But for me running a marathon is not always about winning and being the first. Actually, I have not won most of my marathons. 

However, suppose you know anything about marathons and race culture. In that case, you probably know that you do not have to win a marathon to receive a medal—anyone who successfully completes a marathon gets a medal.

Why? Because completing a marathon is a huge personal success—no matter how fast or slow you might be. It may be called a ‘race,’ but the vast majority of marathon runners, just like me, are not very concerned with racing their fellow competitors across the finish line… they are just focused on crossing the finish line. And that, to me, is success.

There is one definition of success that I love to borrow: “Success is not a product of doing everything with perfection or getting truckloads of affirmation. Instead, success is brave enough to show up. To risk. To try. To put yourself out there and be seen. And to show your truest self to the world without holding back.”

As you progress through life, I want you to always remember this statement: “Success is not a product of doing everything with perfection… Success is being brave enough to show up.” As a marathon runner, I do not run the race perfectly. I do not achieve perfect time, beat everyone else across the finish line, and win the race. And yet, I am always brave enough to show up. I am brave enough to try. And courageous enough to give it my all and measure my own success – no matter the success of anyone on the field. 

How about you? Are you brave enough to show up, risk, try, and put yourself out there? Do not worry about measuring yourself against the success of anyone else. Instead, show up…try… and measure your own success!


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