Embrace vulnerability to accomplish all your life goals

Oct 13, 2020

Let us be all clear. Vulnerability is not a sign of weakness and can be our greatest strength. What do you usually associate with the term vulnerability? Is it fear, hurt or betrayal? According to author and social researcher Brene Brown, we must be vulnerable to have love, joy or creativity. It is for our own personal growth and will help us get out of our comfort zone. 

Those who embrace vulnerability are often not scared of the unknown. Rather than seeing a challenge as an obstacle, they view it as something they can overcome. Of course, it will take extra strength but that cannot stop them from trying. Vulnerability basically leads to increased abilities. That is the time you should acknowledge all the shortcomings because you have goals to achieve to continue growing on a daily basis. 

There tends to be an increase in collaboration, productivity, and cohesiveness when we embrace vulnerability. It makes it easier for people especially at work to connect on different levels. If you are a CEO, do not be too poised at work, try to interact with your employees; embrace your vulnerabilities, and see just how productive and more engaged employees will be around you. Instead of being the boss, you will have built more connections with other employees and improved everyone’s work experience and the overall company culture.

In the words of Brene Brown, “daring leaders work to make sure people can be themselves and feel a sense of belonging,” employers should lead from a place of vulnerability. Give workers a chance to be themselves when around you, practice what you preach, you cannot expect to have a courageous staff if you are not being a courageous leader. 

2020 specifically has come with unimaginable challenges leaving many people frustrated at work. This is the time to build a culture of vulnerability. Although it is not a trait usually associated with successful leadership, let employers have honest conversations with their employees. Let them share with you how they are feeling in such uncertain times. 

The practical truth of life is that we are all vulnerable. Many of us usually try hard to hide our imperfections forgetting that for us to get clarity in our purpose or deeper and more meaningful spiritual lives, we have to take the vulnerable road. 

To live a more fulfilling life, let us embrace our imperfections, be more concerned about our personal growth rather than how other people view us. Let our feelings not stop us from living and having a comfortable life. It is time to see vulnerability as a source of strength and not weakness.


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