Do Small Things in A Great Way

Oct 22, 2020

Martin Luther King Jr once said, "If I cannot do greater things, I can do small things in a great way." We can become successful by just indulging in smaller things. It does not matter how big your dream is, but you doing those small things in a greater way will make you more successful than you think. 

We can gain success by doing small things perfectly if we do not have the chance of doing great things. What one small thing do you think you can do in a great way? Something that will help you diversify or flourish in your career or business? Think about that.

Many at times, we always feel like it is only the big things that indicate we are on a pathway to success. No, it is not. I remember in one of my articles I shared with you the power of celebrating your small wins too. Yes, we have big wins but, that does not mean we have to forget about the small things we accomplish every day. If you have not noticed, they are the ones that will keep pushing you towards your goal. 

Small things can have bigger impacts on our lives. Small signs of progress are more important than we think when it comes to building resilience and commitment. In the book, The Progress Principle (Amabile&Kramer2011), the critical importance of small movements towards goals is highlighted. Most of our plans and goals usually fail because they often involve large-scale and big steps forgetting those small things when done in a great way are much more doable and builds our confidence. 

I know failing can at times break our hearts but there is always a way out. In case we are unable to achieve bigger things, we can try doing smaller things. Let us just make sure we do those little things with precision. 

Let us strive to achieve those little things. After that, we will find that we have made a lot of little things that when combined we are likely to get a significant result.

I have learned a lesson in this life. Everything and everyone you see and admire today started from somewhere. It is all about starting small, doing every action with full focus, and not quitting until it is finished. That is what resilience involves. Not giving up and doing the small things perfectly well. 

The problem with us is we usually pay attention to big things and believe they are the only things that matter. Let us take into consideration a quote from Van Gogh: “Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.”

We need to focus on small things and work hard on them day after day. By doing those well, they will emerge into something extraordinary that we may have not been able to imagine at the beginning. It is our nature at the beginning to imagine that big actions are important, but when we reach the top, we realize that we got there thanks to small actions. 


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