Do not fear making a mistake; fear being one

Nov 03, 2021

It is tempting to think that leaders don’t make mistakes.  In fact people tend to think that greatness results from the few flaws we make. However, if I gave you a glimpse of the number of blunders I have made so far, you would be surprised. What makes any leader great is not ceasing to make mistakes but knowing how to handle them.

Not once or twice I have let myself, my spouse, my kids and even my company down but that is never the end of it. Though it may seem strange, at some point I have ended up earning more respect than shame from the way I have tackled my mistakes. This is a brand of leadership that you portray every time you become responsible for your mistakes.

Recovering after you have messed up should not just be a working tip but a life tip. There is a way you can handle a mistake and even get a promotion from it. Practicing this art of recovery has made me realize that mistakes are part of us and we should get the best out of them rather than the worst.

Here are a few tips on how you can handle mistakes and perfect the recovery process:

Do not cover it up

It is human nature to get tempted to hide a mistake, minimize it or blame someone else for it. My approach is different. As soon as the water has spilt, let it be known. Let your team or the people close to you know. . Remember, bosses do not love surprises and the more you delay, the more the mess grows bigger. So, blow it out before it blows out!

Own the Mistake

This has always been my best tactic. I might not have been in the eventor the meeting when it all happened but I will still own the mistake. I have to be responsible. It is rare for any leader to acknowledge a mistake, especially if they are not the ones who caused it. By owning a problem you are definitely displaying a high level of responsibility.

Remedy the situation

After owning the mistake, I will use everything in my power to help make a full diagnosis of the mistake. I might not know everything but, I am sure we will find the remedy by involving the right people and pumping in everything I know on the table.

Move beyond your mistakes

We all know making a mistake is never a problem; repeating it is. So be a good leader by ensuring you go the extra mile to prevent the mistake from happening again. Remember, if it does, the cycle begins again, and the repercussions could be severe this time.

My confidence has continuously grown from every mistake I have ever made. I try my best not to miss the opportunity of learning something new. Nobody should fear making a mistake, fear being the mistake.


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