COVID-19: Coping with the Pandemic of Fear

Jul 16, 2020

It is no doubt that the fear surrounding this whole pandemic is overwhelming and frustrating hence the only way we can deal with it is to try as much as possible to cope. Fear can affect us beyond any reasonable doubt, however, we have to know that it will not ease the handling of this pandemic but will instead negatively our mind and body. 

I have always told my clients, especially the people I coach that they can conquer fear. What we all need to do at this time is to acknowledge that this pandemic will be here with us for quite a while and all we can do is create an environment that fosters our own well-being. Fear has made us even more anxious because we are uncertain of what the future holds and when all this will end. What therefore can we do this time to ease fear?

This is the time to spend more time with your family and empower them to take responsibility. Cultivate healthy measures like washing hands and sanitizing. Do not fear anything that news tries to portray; after all, you are washing your hands and maintaining a social distance just do the best you can and do not be afraid or disturbed by anything you cannot control. Be there for your family and educate them on the dangers of COVID-19 and why they should not fear. Let them know that all this will end and should try to build resilience. Cultivate positivity and do the things you love for your loved ones. Is it cooking? Cook for them; do you love music? Then put on that radio and dance. These kinds of activities are likely to shift your moods and for those you love. 

You are likely to spend more time on social media during this time which is not healthy for you. Why am I saying so? News about this pandemic is everywhere and therefore you should try and limit what you consume. Those updates are just instilling fear in you. When you see each and every day the number of infected people is just going high, you become more fearful and overwhelmed. Know that reading more about this virus and listening to every update can contribute to anxiety. Do not just be eager to know the latest statistics of this virus, but try and look for ways and what you can do during this difficult time. 

Such difficult times gives one an opportunity to create a clear routine and plan ahead. People are now at home that is a fact. How do you spend your time? Do you have a clear schedule for your day? This is the time to plan your everyday activities; try and balance both work and play. Set rules to be followed and let each member of the family be productive. Doing this will ease the feeling of fear because everyone will be having something to do. They will have no time to idle around. 

Know that we all have a responsibility to take care of our emotions during this time. It is upon each one of us to try different ways we can cope with this pandemic because if we are not careful it will treat us abnormally and will lead us into depression and this what we should try and avoid. Let us be positive that it will be here only for a while and with time we will go back to our normal ways of living. 


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