Break the habit of procrastinating

Feb 28, 2022

Lately, I have been quite engaged with my Inspire Leadership trend. No leader wants to lead a non-inspirational life. Why would you be called a leader anyway? Whenever you google the leadership challenges, you will somehow come across procrastination.

It is a jeopardy that has shattered grand ambitions and visions over the years, some of which could have changed the world. I am a person who enjoys confronting issues from many angles. This way, I can easily counter most of the challenges I face.

If you want to counter procrastination, you will only look for ways to overcome it, easily forgetting to check on what brings it around. Have you ever focused on what invites procrastination in your mind because that is where it all begins? Let us look at this menace from a very different angle. Everything has something that attracts it. For instance, though I don’t want to justify that a thief would steal a phone from you since you had it in the first place, that could still be a reason. What if you didn’t have the phone? All I am insisting is that something has to entice the other.

So, what allures procrastination in your plans, goals and those to-dos? After you are done planning, do you know you will most likely forget to map out procrastination? Since you will most probably not focus on it. Then you are soon likely to end up being its victim.

My number one rule is to leave no room for procrastination when planning. The moment you give it a leeway, trust me, it knows how to use it much better. Close that window for postponing. Believe and trust that you will be able to execute your plans the way you have set them. Only unavoidable eventualities should make you postpone any plan. And in case you do, make sure you follow it up with double zeal to execute it.

The angle I have taken to counter this is interesting. But unfortunately, something else that significantly attracts procrastination is greed. A greedy planner is a formidable creature to behold. He cannot be tamed. You will bite more than you can chew by planning more than you can achieve, and when you cannot hit your targets, you gullibly become a victim.

It is essential to set easily manageable goals that you and maybe your team members will accomplish without much strain when planning.

Finally, did you know that your environment could as well attract procrastination? As you wonder how, picture this, if you were to work on something for two hours and spent those hours sleeping simply because you were too comfortable, you are in for some inevitable postponements. Always ensure you are in the right environment, both mentally and physically. If you procrastinate too much, how about you make it a little harder to do so!


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