Balancing work and play

Jun 28, 2021

You have often heard the phrase, "work smart not hard." Whereas that statement can be debatable, there is one aspect of working hard that holds. That is having a healthy and vibrant body to withstand the work and still be effectively smart at doing it.

Here is a concept I would like to introduce you to. No matter what profession you are in, start looking at exercising your body as part and parcel of your daily work. Those two might not be related if, for instance, your daily work does not involve sports, fitness, other the wellness industry but exercising your body regularly will make you more productive in what you do. I guess that's why exercising is referred to as working out.

Often people site lack of time and been overwhelmed with work duties and too much to do as the main reason for not exercising. While that could be true, I'll simply leave you with a famous quote by one time Nike CEO "Someone who is busier than you is running right now." 

It all comes down to prioritizing and creating time for working out so that you can work smart and hard.

It could be scheduling a daily 30 minutes to run or walk in the morning before starting your day or in the evening. Do that for a while and you will see tremendous improvement in your work. Studies show that exercising regularly is attributed to the following key work benefits.

One gains more focus to tackle tasks, a better walking and sitting posture at the workspace, better cardiovascular performance, and an increase in body immunity. And that's the scratch on the surface for how much exercising makes you more effective.

Steven King, a world-renowned fiction writer says that he gets his best writing ideas while out on long walks.

 If you don't already have a consistent exercise routine in your daily or weekly schedule, consider implementing one, and watch how work mixed with play will yield better results.

By Edward Mungai


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