Why you need motivation

Jun 13, 2022

When I recall the world record that my favorite marathoner Eliud Kipchoge won, it comes with many lessons about being successful. One incredible thing that took place during the marathon that everyone who watched could recall was the presence of pacesetters. I imagine what could have happened if Eliud did not have pacesetters. And this reflects our situations as leaders. To win, we need to have something that will motivate us, push us and charge us towards achieving our goals. Even as we focus on achieving our full potential, the motivation factor cannot be omitted.

You need to constantly find the motivation to continuously push you towards realizing your full potential and achieving your goals. Leaders mainly focus on the reason to be motivated, but it is also crucial to know why they need the motivation in the first place.

The very first component of remaining motivated is being motivated as a leader. Leaders must lead by example; therefore, they must be encouraged at all times as all eyes are on their actions.
At its most fundamental level, Strong leadership motivation enables a group or company to achieve its goals. Nothing will get done if no one is motivated to finish the job. Employee pessimism may derail plans and kill motivation; thus, optimism is a leader’s most potent weapon. Encouraging those around you won’t be easy if you are not inspired to become a great leader. It is the constant push and motivation that makes the difference. It does not get any easier than that. Employees that are disengaged might put a company in jeopardy. Employees that are motivated and actively involved in their firm’s work, on the other hand, result in a more productive organization.

Leaders should also take note of a few factors that foster motivation. One of the most critical parts of outstanding leadership is communication. People naturally yearn to be seen, and learning how to connect effectively with your team members, individually and collectively, can help you achieve that goal. This goes along with significant impact and determines the success of a company in most cases.

People should not be motivated by the possibility of a reward or the threat of punishment, it is all too common among leaders. While setting a sales target to earn a bonus or avoid being fired can be motivating, it only taps into one type of motivation i.e extrinsic motivation. And at times will put your employees under unnecessary pressure. Intrinsic motivation happens when people are inspired to do something because it makes them happy.

Motivation drives almost every action we take in our lives. For instance, consider what made you make breakfast in the morning, Hunger. What motivated you to get out of bed and go to work? Most probably the need to keep a roof over your head and food on the table. Motivation is a natural element of our being and a compelling force in our lives. We all need a “why” to keep us going.



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