Anything you can imagine is real, so be creative

May 11, 2020

We have so much time in our hands which means that if we are not careful and cautious we will waste most of it. Time lost is never recovered so, in this case, let us make sure that we are busy and creative while at the same time maximizing on this rare opportunity. After the pandemic, what shall you show? What did you learn? Did you come up with a new recipe? Did you improve any of your writing skills? Did you become a better spouse, parent, and/or sibling? There will be many questions that you will need to ask yourself about how you spent this time.

Be creative and bring out anything you imagine to life. Now that you have time in your hands, look for do-it-yourself videos that will help you become more creative and the same time be productive. Own the craft that you are good in and change the world at it. Some of the activities that you can engage in are home gardening. There are different ways of doing this: you can recycle water bottles that you use to store water to come up with cool gardens. These are not hard to maintain and the best thing is that they will save you money and also you will be eating healthy foods that you know are safe for you and your loved ones. The best thing about home gardening is that it doesn’t take too much of your space and you can do it anywhere. You can hang your bottles or pots on the wall, on your veranda, balcony, and even the rooftops. This way you will be turning green and beautifying the environment while at the same time saving some pennies.

You might be good at writing. Write your imaginations down, this can be through poems about love, nature, or even the situation that you are going through at that time. You may be good at writing fictional stories and inspirational stories, do not limit yourself but have an open mind and do not be distracted. Put your mind into it and you never know, one day you might publish your own book. You do not know the potential that you harbor in you until you give it a try and surprise you end up succeeding.

Some of us have talents that we were born with but “we lacked enough time to put them into works”. We have a lot of time during this quarantine period and I do not know what excuses we will give when we are told to show what we did during this time. 

If you can knit do it, if you can cook try other recipes. Be curious and even come up with your new recipes and you will be surprised to see other people like them. Do not judge yourself by thinking some of the things you love doing are not important. Let the world be the judge of that. 

There are people who are so good with graffiti art but they do not take it seriously because they think no one will appreciate their talent. Do not think so much about what people will say, just give your best and put your work out there: you will be surprised. Remember the beauty of art is defined by how creative and committed the artist is. Creativity is not a competition.


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