Always Yearn to Excel, do not Settle for Less.

Jun 09, 2020

We all love staying in our comfort zones, that is the nature of us human beings. This is because we all have the fears that hold us back. We do not want to know what is on the other side. We do not want to venture into anything that makes us uncomfortable. This makes us settle for less even when we deserve more. Your comfort zone derails you from excelling. This is because you think you are okay with whatever position you have at your workplace; the salary you are earning or even your status of success. This kind of thinking stops you from challenging yourself to be a great and successful person. If you are always settling for less than you deserve, it is because you do not value yourself, and also you have not explored your full potential.

You do not have to start big, the best way is to start with small but continuous steps. You must also yearn for whatever it is that you want to achieve in this life. If you do not have the desire to be a great person you are destined to fail. This is because you will not have the will nor the drive to push yourself to get out of that comfort zone and explore all the great things that you are missing out. Let me remind you that this will not happen in one day, you will have to be patient, devoted and most importantly you must be disciplined.

Having a routine will play a crucial role in perfecting your personal growth to greatness. A routine will always keep you grounded even when life throws hard knocks your way. This practice will give you a positive attitude because now you will be thinking like a winner. You may decide to start your day by journaling, it is said that the things that are written down get done. So let journaling become a habit. Working out also makes up a great routine, this way, you take care of your health and have a clear mind before you start your day. Reading a book for motivation and inspiration goes a long way in reviving your spirit. Most importantly remember to be consistent in whatever routine you decide to go with.

Most of us settle for less because we have not realized our full potential. This may be because of the negativity that surrounds us. The energy you allow will always affect your performance and how successful you become. Let your company be your support system and not the one that is always pulling you down and discouraging you. Some people do not want to see you succeed, they want you to remain at the same level as them. Let me tell you the truth, your desire to be better in life and to be great that will break you from such company. Do not allow yourself to ever be in comport zone, always yearn to be a better person. Never stop improving because you are DESTINED FOR GREATNESS.


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