A Small Idea Can Transition into Something Big

Nov 24, 2020

There is power in being creative and innovative regardless of how small an idea might be. Over time, many innovators have realized that focusing on a series of small ideas has a measurable impact and leads to even more big wins than one could ever imagine. 

At the same time, it is good to widen one's mind. Let your mind wander. You do not know what you might come out with. Be creative enough; somebody might like your idea and help you convert it into a reality.

Remember, "if it were easy, everyone would do it." You must also be ready to own your responsibilities regardless of the circumstances. No one will ever understand your small idea or the dynamics associated with it as you do. Therefore, most of the time, you will be on your own; you will have to learn more about yourself.

Nothing can kill a creative idea other than the performance anxiety that results from an outsized ambition. As a leader, do you consider your employees' ideas? Success can raise the bar for a company until the pressure for big results kills all creativity.

I know we love thinking big and incorporating big ideas, but, talks about big innovations may lead to a lack of appreciation for the beauty of the small idea. Being over-ambitious can set you up for failure in a big way when you spend most of the time rejecting your thinking. 

Explore your ideas until you find that greater one. Never be afraid to stand in a room full of people and propose something. Have confidence in yourself; let them laugh, but go home knowing you tried.

Look at your computer, your phone, or even your tablet. Every successful modern gadget is a creative idea of the many innovators who have improved each other’s work slowly over time. They were just a set of small ideas combined. Why then should you worry about your idea? 

Organizations and companies always try to think big. They want to set a big impact, set big goals, and talk about big plans and successes. No one is interested in anything that appears small. However, research has shown that all the "big" innovations that we admire started as something small. 

Some companies became big by creatively working on their ideas; they had to provide inspirational offerings that enhanced customer experiences; they did not become successful by just executing a plan. What does this mean?

It takes one step at a time to achieve our dreams; it is those small ideas that will transition into big wins, look at Google and Uber, it took them quite a while to be where they are; something generated from a small idea and they implemented. 

Remember that the big opportunity you are following may often appear as something small. The key is to learn to recognize the opportunities that enhance your experiences and customer experiences, even in a small way. 


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