Benjamin Franklin: An American Life

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By: Walter Isaacson

My main objective and mission quarterly is to read a biography, and for this one, a hard copy always does the trick. This quarter of 2020, I have been entertaining myself with the biography of Benjamin Franklin titled: An American Life by Walter Isaacson. This is a must-read book for all those who want to be successful. Benjamin Franklin is the founding father who all Americans and some of us look up to. The book provides us with this titan’s 84 years of life from the streets of Boston, to Philly, to London to Paris and back. In these 80 plus years, he became a diplomat, author, scientist, inventor, media personality, a business strategist as well as a constitutional expert not forgetting him being one of the most practical and ingenious political leaders. 

The book gives a very clear picture of the power behind the Poor Richard’s Almanac as well as the Declaration of Independence in the US. In summary, the book is about the life of one of the most influential humans that ever lived and explains how he achieved such greatness in several distinct fields and areas. This should inspire every human being who desires to make the world a better place hence the reason why I highly recommend you all to get a hold of this book.

The book will guide us on how to self-improve our version, how to possibly learn almost everything and find the way on the same, and how we should dream of the life we want and not being afraid to be 20 years ahead of our time.

Also, principles such as self-reliance and teamwork are critical factors to changing the world and achieving exceptional performance experience. For instance, Franklin believed that there was a need for individuals to work together to achieve economies of scale as well as to synergize. All these will lead to more achievement rather than one individual working alone. Based on this principle, Franklin was instrumental in the founding of numerous societies and organizations, such as the Philadelphia Fire Department, the University of Pennsylvania, American Philosophical Society. 

Frugality is also emphasized in the book, something with consumerism we have thrown to the dogs. There is a need to recheck how frugal we are in life but at the same time not forget that we are supposed to be charitable for the neediest in our communities. These are some of the things Franklin championed for. 

Benjamin valued order and resolution in his life, he had daily plans which were consistent from day to day and believed that all things should have their place. The resolution was key to him and should to all of us in the sense that, when we resolve to perform a certain duty, we ought to perform it without fail.

In conclusion, this is a gem that we should all have in our houses. When you read it, you can't fail to smile and to be entertained.  At the same time, you can't fail to learn from it.


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