Endurance, Perseverance, and Patience are the Keys to Success

Jun 12, 2020

Regardless of how hard or complicated a situation might be, know that beyond the horizon there is always a reward for every effort made. In the long run, you will harvest the fruits of your labor. All you need is patience and trust that everything will fall into place at God's own time. Those dreams and visions you have to need perseverance and patience. Believe that you will achieve them and start working towards that goal taking your precious time. 

Why do you need all these three to be successful? 

Success takes time. You don’t just wake up today and become successful. It is something that will require you to endure long hours and moments of pressure. I have read and listened to stories of some founder members who are leading some of the world’s most successful companies and most attribute their success to hard work and endurance.  Endurance, therefore, is vital when it comes to success.  Have you seen those entrepreneurs who succeed? They are not necessarily the fastest or the strongest but are those who can endure the ups and downs. They try to be as positive as possible despite all the negativities they face every day. Know that endurance is an essential quality for anyone who sets their mind to fresh tracks, be it starting a business, achieving Big Hairy Audacious Goals (BHAGs), or anything that requires you to accomplish great and powerful tasks. 

Perseverance is also a key ingredient for success. It can be summed up to mean how committed you are to your goal. Are you willing to go the extra mile? Are you willing to add in extra hours? Most of the times we thrive to be successful but forgets the obstacles we might face in this journey. We set targets and think we can achieve them immediately forgetting that we are humans and may fall short on those goals. This is where your faith is tested, can you stay committed to that which you started? It does not matter what your goal is or how long it will take for you to achieve it, what matters is your willingness to persist and persevere. If you want something, there’s no better way than to go for it, it only takes a simple “yes” to make your dreams come true. DO NOT STOP TRYING. Just as Tom Hopkins once said, “I am not judged by the number of times I fail but by the number of times I succeed: and the number of times I succeed is in direct proportion to the number of times I fail and keep trying.” You should keep trying as well. When you become successful, no one will pay attention to your failures. They will all be focused on your success. 

Last but not least. Patience. Do you know that it requires a little bit of patience to develop perseverance in you? Perseverance and patience go hand in hand. For you to achieve goals, your patience will be tested. It can take several years of patience before you start reaping big results. This can be a bit frustrating more so when you are impatient. What do you, therefore, need to do? Learn to be more patient than everybody else and revel in the hard work no matter what anyone else tells you to do, That's the only way to be successful. 

There is no clear way to success. Success takes time. Time is the greatest asset of all. This is where your patience and perseverance are likely to be tested. How long are you willing to stay committed to that goal? It's all about time. You, therefore, need to include all these three things if you want to succeed in life.


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