Appreciating the small and big things in life

May 06, 2020

Appreciating is the act of recognizing the value or to cherish something or someone. I am sure today there are things that you appreciate and value more than you did in the past one month. This maybe because, today no matter your class, whether rich or poor you cannot freely access them for example, some of us maybe did not fancy going to church, the mosque or wherever it is you go to worship, but now that we cannot access this places we now can appreciate and respect them more.

Look deeply inside you and think what it is you are taking for granted. Is it your job? How serious did you take your job before this pandemic? Did you finish your deliverables on time and was it your best? So many people have been let go by the companies they were working for, some gave their best but fate did not favor them while others made it easy for their employers because they are the kind of people who are easily dispensable. When you do not appreciate something or someone you tend to take them for granted and you always do not give your best because they are not a priority for you.

Let us all learn the art of appreciation naturally before our circumstances force us to do so. In the course of all this you lose the trust of so many people who play a very crucial role in your life. This is dangerous because once trust is messed up with, it becomes very hard to earn it back. For instance, once you lose your trust with your loved ones your relationship with them is compromised and mending broken relationships as we all have experienced at some level in our lives is very hard and involves a lot of emotions; negative emotions in this case.

In this journey of success appreciating the small and the big things in your life elevate you, they give you a direction to take in life. You are able to differentiate between vanity and the real things and people in your life. You will be able to appreciate people around you whether it is your boss, that watchman who opens the gate for you and even your spouses. 

One thing that is for sure most of us forget to appreciate the people close to us because we always think that they will always be around. If there is something this Covid-19 pandemic has taught me, it is that I should not take my family members; my spouse and children, for granted because they are the ones who will hold me down when things are not going the way I want. 

If you are a parent, create more time for your children, play with them, take them out to have fun, take them on adventures because the memories you create with them will always be engraved in their hearts. What better way to create memories and make merry than with the very people who will always be there for you.


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