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Edward Mungai is the founder of Inspire Leadership and focuses on unlocking people’s potential by providing thing with programs; mentorship and coaching into high performance, Edward was voted a top 40 under 40 when he was 34 as a result of his exceptional impact as a leader In Africa. He is an Eisenhower fellow. Eisenhower Fellows are leaders of vision, role models with proven success in diverse fields of endeavor. EF Is a unique among international professional and leadership programs and Edward is among the few African leaders who are fellows where he has been provided with a transformational experience as well as lifetime engagement in a global network, where dialogue and collaboration make the world more peaceful, prosperous and just. Edward is also a Danida Fellow which aim at building Leaders from developing world to make the works a better place.

Edward is a scrum master- As a Certified ScrumMaster® (CSM®), He’ll help the Scrum Teams in organization perform at their highest level and to do double the work at half the time and, hence increasing their efficiencies. Edward is also an Abbot six-star marathon finisher having completed all six Marathon Major marathons; London, New York, Boston, Chicago, Berlin and Tokyo. Edward is a published author, and one of the most- sought, watched, quoted, and followed personal development trainers in Africa. Edward is tending towards one of the most influential leaders in personal growth and leadership. 

Edward’s unlocking potential programs have reached more than 2,000 students and have had more than 100k views on his online sharing. He’s created 3 courses in personal and professional development, these includes a unlocking your potential course; Fitness with Edward Mungai and a SCRUM training program.

Having many years of experience comes vast knowledge on various things thus Edward passion is to motivate others to reach their full potential and to never give up even when the journey is tough. When you suffer a crushing defeat, you must use that opportunity to get back up because it is not about the fall it’s about how you dust yourself off and continue to fight. Jack Canfield once said, “Successful people maintain a positive focus in life no matter what is going on around them. They stay focused on their past successes rather than their past failures and on the next action steps they need to take to get them closer to the fulfillment of their goals rather than all the other distractions that life presents to them”.

 Edward is married to Anne who is a lovely wife for over 20 years and their love keep on growing. As Edward says “Anne is indeed my better half couldn’t have asked for a better partner than her. Every day with the love of my life is pure bliss”. Edward is father to Joan who is a graduate at Strathmore University where she pursued a bachelor’s degree and at an age where every father dread, the day their child grows up and is no longer dad’s little girl anymore. Stacy is the second born and she is a ball of fire as should a 15-year-old child be. She attends Premier Academy in Nairobi where she in the tenth grade. Lexxy has been my last born for quite a few years and the cute little thing is just an angel to me. She is in grade 6 at the same school as Stacy. Jayden is my youngest son who is only three years old, I was out matched among my lovely girls but at least now I have a sidekick to my superhero moments as a dad

I enjoy physical fitness whether it’s running a full marathon, I find the time to squeeze some work out every day. As John F. Kennedy said, “Physical fitness is a state of health and well-being and, more specifically" As an inspiring motivational speaker, Edward captures the heart of the employee on an emotional level, where professional change really happens. He believes that if he can touch the human spirit, it will create a lasting positive impact on both the personal and professional lives of his audience. Everybody can relate to some part of Edward’s story, whether it is his personal struggle, professional accomplishments, or his beliefs on how we best achieve happiness and success in life.


I met my lovely wife, we fell in love and got married the rest as they say is history. She is indeed my better half couldn’t have asked for a better partner than her. Every day with the love of my life is pure bliss. 


I enjoy physical fitness whether it’s running a full marathon, I find the time to squeeze some work out every day. As John F. Kennedy said, “Physical fitness is a state of health and well-being and, more specifically"

Edward  Employee, Management, Sales and Leadership Presentations Are Designed For:

  1. Employee Motivation and Rejuvenation
  2. Conference Keynotes
  3. Success and journey to success
  4. Inspirational Business Keynotes
  5. Professional and Personal Success
  6. Physical fitness and unlocking your potential
  7. Developing Stronger Leadership Skills
  8. Customer Experience
  9. Build Quality Relationships Built On Trust
  10. Work/Life Balance
  11. Finding Great Opportunities in a Changing and Challenging Environment
  12. Sales Staff Motivation
  13. Corporate Motivational Keynotes
  14. Company and Business Motivation
  15. Entrepreneurship Success

Featured Book

Impact Investing in Africa: A Guide to Sustainability for Investors, Institutions, and Entrepreneurs

As investment in new ventures across the African continent grows, and enterprises multiply in a wide variety of sectors, the next wave of challenges and opportunities has become apparent to those with the experience and vision to understand them. In this book for investors, institutions, entrepreneurs, and everyone interested in the economic future of Africa, noted Kenyan executive Edward Mungai will analyze recent successes and failures in business ventures across the African continent and identify the most important opportunities for impact investment impacting the future of Africa available today and in the near future.

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3 FREE Chapters reveal how to share your advice, monetize your experience, and build your online brand.

"“Edward brings the perfect combination of experience, passion, and enthusiasm to any room he enters. Any group of professionals will benefit from his advice and guidance. We look forward to bringing him back to continue unlocking ur potential and am more in-depth session later this year. The summary of survey of satisfaction of our managers results showed 95% favorable which was very high relative to other sessions. He is a dynamic speaker and a genuine way of connecting with his audience.”"

Dave Breslin
Senior Vice President

"Edward brings an informative, funny, high-energy presentation that really connected with our association members and really kicked-off our event in an amazing way. The audience was engaged from start to finish. Usually, when I see keynote speakers, people begin checking their phones halfway through the presentation - not during Edward’s talk! Everyone was focused front and center! His interactive handouts were not only great to keep everyone engaged and focused, but they served as a great takeaway for some simple action items to implement immediately!”"

Joe Wangendo
Fund raising Association of Kenya

"“To put it mildly, the half day we spent with Edward was as energizing and motivating as anything I have ever experienced in my career. His messaging was consistent with our objectives because he took the time to learn about our business. The impact on our management team was tremendous and our teams have responded with a strong push to not only be better than our competition but to be better and different.”"

Nganga Mbugua
Maninging Editor Business Daily

"“Clearly, you have elevated the craft of being a ‘professional catalyst’ to an art form. Your passion and enthusiasm were engaging but more importantly, you backed up your presentation with valuable and meaningful content. As a result, many of our clients are employing your ‘unlocking your potential!’ ethos in their ways of life and decision making to challenge the way we have always done business. "

Kentice Tikolo
Managing Director

"Edward, you knocked it out of the park! It is truly impressive how you are able to use relatable real-world stories to distill complex concepts into tangible, manageable components – and then engage our executive students of over 100+ companies in a thought-provoking discussion which generates actionable ideas that they can implement immediately."

George Njenga
Dean Strathmore university Business School

"We chose Edward for our upcoming Leaders seminar and his "Unlocking your potential" session hit a homerun! His motivation and high-energy style was infectious. His customized handouts and style did a wonderful job of engaging our entire team. He encouraged participants to step outside of their comfort zones, to examine every aspect of their lives and to set the process in motion for improvement; not just words on a paper, but true commitment to impact positivity in every aspect of life. Our team is still highly energized and continuously talking about this session and Edward's impact on our organization. SIMPLY OUTSTANDING!!!"

Kenya Commercial Bank Group

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